Leaky Gut Protocol

GAPS book picture2300 years ago, the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, said, “All diseases begin in the gut.”

In a healthy gut, our microbiome bacteria is tightly controlled by beneficial flora. But when this beneficial flora is weakened and damaged, they get out of control. Each of these microbes is capable of causing many health problems, not the least of which is leaky gut. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyles sooner or later damage our indigenous gut flora of bacteria, viruses, protozoa, other yeasts, and many other micro-creatures living symbiotically together. When this happens whatever opportunistic and pathogenic microbes are there will grab this opportunity and take over and cause havoc in our gut. The best known is the fungus Candida albicans, which causes untold misery to millions of people. Its cells attach themselves to the gut lining literally putting “roots” through it and making it “leaky”.

Many other opportunistic microbes that are not controlled by good bacteria also get access to the gut wall and damage its integrity, making it “leaky”. For example, microbiologists have observed how the common opportunistic gut bacteria from the families Spirochaetaceae and Spirillaceae have an ability due to their spiral shape to push apart intestinal cells, breaking down the integrity of the intestinal wall and allowing through substances that normally should not get through. When partially digested foods get through this leaky gut wall into the bloodstream, the immune system recognizes them as foreign and attacks them. This is how food allergies or intolerances develop. What is happening is that foods do not get a chance to be digested properly before they are absorbed through the damaged gut wall. But the good news is that in many cases when the gut wall is healed food allergies disappear.

We recommend you go on a GAPS diet, specifically a lot of bone broth and soup for about a week, and take the protocol supplementation below. Remember, your gut wall is completely renewed in five days! So this is an easy and beautiful healing protocol.

By unleashing the Forbidden Doctor within, this protocol gives support to enable your body to heal itself.

Leaky Gut Protocol

GAPS – Gut Dysbiosis – Adult (Introductory)

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In order of importance:
Enzycore (4 per meal for about two weeks, then 1 per meal thereafter. Contains L-Glutamine to heal and seal the gut, which eliminates allergies.)
Protefood (1 capsule am/pm. Essential amino acids, RNA & vitamin C, calcium, potassium & adrenal, for immune, skeletal, muscular & collagen rebuilding support.)
Cyruta Plus (6 tablets every meal. 24/day, after Stage 1 of GAPS. Very powerful collagen healing food to rebuild the gut wall.)

Zymex Wafers (Chew 4 wafers am/pm. Zymex helps create an environment in the “soil” of the small intestines so the good bacteria needed in the mucosa can produce the hormones, antibacterial agents, and keep all the microflora healthy that are needed to support digestion. Zymex also “eats the food” that candida wants, and balances the pH. Also helps with fungus overgrowth and sugar cravings!)
Lactic Acid Yeast Wafers (Chew 4 wafers am/pm. Creates a healthy terrain in the colon to allow the proper bacteria to flourish by acidifying the colon.)
ProSynbiotic (Start with 1 capsule/am & 1 capsule/pm then slowly go up to 4/am & 4/pm – on an empty stomach. This probiotic has prebiotic inulin, which good bacteria need to grow on)
Zypan (4 tablets – 50-60 minutes after each meal. Contains HCL, pepsin, pancreatic & digestive enzymes that help liquefy food & stimulates the gallbladder and pancreas. Helps to break down the protein into peptides and then into amino acids so your body can use the proteins for rebuilding. Proteins are the building blocks of everything in your body.)
Pituitrophin PMG (3 tablets in the morning on an empty stomach. The pituitary gland releases a growth hormone that is vital for active and plentiful cell reproduction of the tissues lining the gut wall that change literally, every 3 to 5 days. Pituitriphoin PMG helps to support the pituitary in this function.)

Cod Liver Oil (2 pearls twice a day. Vit D & Vit A, supports heart, bones, teeth, eyes, liver & immune)

Additional synergists:
Dermatrophin PMG (3 in the morning on an empty stomach. Your gut is made up of skin, “derma, Dermatrophin PMG has the growth factors to encourage the rebuilding of the gut wall.)
Gut Flora Complex (On weekends only, take 2 pills on an empty stomach, twice a day, for 1-2 months. Intestinal fungus dysbiosis support.)

To print a very simple GAPS protocol, click here: Basic Gut Rebuilding Protocol Handout

Questions about this protocol? Why not ask Dr. Jack and Mary directly? They will respond to patient texts at 801-556-1477 and emails to info@forbiddendoctor.com. There are no “dumb questions” and you can expect absolute discretion and privacy.
  • The protocol above is designed to address your issues at the foundational level, and not to treat disease. This means, in our opinion, most of our health problems, short of accident or trauma, are of a dietary nutritional deficiency. The listed protocol or supplement provides your body with essential micro and macronut­­­­rients to help and assist normal nutritional balance.
  • Daily dosages are in ( ) parenthesis for most protocols; for example (6) means take 6 per day, but spread it out by taking half in the morning and a half in the evening. Some protocols will have more specific instructions to follow.
  • MediHerb products, shown in italics, often speed healing response and should be considered for most protocols unless contraindicated.
  • We recommend adding the General Health Daily Fundamentals pack to each protocol. This adds to the critical foundational nutrition each protocol needs. It contains Catalyn––an entirely whole-food and glandular broad-spectrum multivitamin, Trace Minerals-B12, and Tuna Omega-3 pearls for your DHA and EPA omega 3 fatty acids daily requirements.
  • Spacing out the daily doses throughout the day improves absorption and is strongly recommended.
  • Most supplements should be taken with food except for PMG’s, most calcium products, Gastrex, Chlorophyll Complex™, Okra Pepsin E3, Cholocol II, and Zymex II. Also, most herbs work more efficiently if taken away from food.
  • Be advised that these nutritional and herbal products are not intended as primary therapy for any disease, but rather to provide nutritional and herbal support to help normalize body physiology and repair.


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