60: Grains, Celiac Disease and Leaky Gut – “3 Strikes You’re Out!”

Today we discuss the controversy of grains.

For years we were taught that grains are the base of every healthy nutrition, but the grains we are familiar with today are far from healthy.

As a result of playing around with the genetic structure of grains, our body is subjective to this source of food that is far removed from the grains our ancestors used to have and is cooked in a very different way that affects it’s influence on our body.

In this episode we break down the modern grain and how it affects our body, as well as some helpful tricks to lead a much healthier life.

What You Will Hear:

  • [00:02:00] How Grains got to have such a big role in the food pyramid in the first place
  • [00:05:10] The real reason behind our love to white bread
  • [00:16:00] Grains are dangerous for us – here’s why
  • [00:21:03] The old way of preparing grains and the benefits it brings
  • [00:31:21] Is whole grain a better choice than non-whole one?
  • [00:35:45] How Celiac disease and other auto-immune conditions are formed
  • [00:36:39] The grains we eat today are significantly different from those our grandparents ate
  • [00:40:00] What are some options to eat healthier grains
  • [00:44:52] What to do if you don’t want to give up your grains but still want to help your body get healthier


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2 thoughts on “60: Grains, Celiac Disease and Leaky Gut – “3 Strikes You’re Out!”

  1. Doug Kizerian says:

    i usually don’t eat store bought bread.. I make my own it is actually not sour dough but it take about 48 hrs to make. start out with a biga fresh raw milk yogurt whey a small amount of yeast anf unbleached flour.. takes about 24 hrs..a portion of this is added to my bread recipe I also am experimenting with a wild sourdough starter. I am not sure it is great for us but I think it is better than anything I could buy.

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:

      Doug, how very nice to hear from you. Your experimentation with fermentation is validating for the Forbidden Doctor. One of the underlying themes that pervades all of our podcasts is the necessity of fermented foods in our diet. Our ancestors would always ferment their meats, their vegetables, and their grains. Even their dairy was fermented in the form of yogurt, kefir, cheeses and other varieties. The magic of fermentation, and we assume your unbleached flour is from whole grains and not just white, is the byproducts that the bacteria involved in the fermentation process produce. Not only does fermentation stave off oxidation and spoilage, but adds so much more to the intrinsic value of the food. Our hat is off to you. This fermentation process will also eliminate the phytic acid that accompanies raw grain that is so deleterious to your bones. We talk about this extensively in Podcast #61 which you are referring to.
      – Dr. Jack and Mary

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