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Today we are very excited to introduce the next chapter at Forbidden Doctor, with our very own take on the so-called Direct Primary Care phenomenon underway in the US health care system.

Let’s face it, doctors are well-intentioned, but ill-equipped to do much beyond diagnosis and treatment of symptoms. In many cases, the foundational reason you went to see the doctor is left un-addressed, or worse, the “solution” is taking drugs for the rest of your life to mask the symptoms without true healing.

Enough is enough. We now have the technology to allow Dr. Jack, Mary and their clinicians to work with each of you on a monthly basis, to guide you and modify your healing path as needed. No one is healed over night and no one is healthy all the time.

What each of us really needs is expert care, as we navigate our nutritional and health choices BEFORE there is a crisis, when nutritional wisdom can intervene to keep standard physicians at bay. If we can get this foundational part of our health right, playing the guessing game with busy doctors and prescription drugs can truly be a thing of the past.

Tune in to learn how all this is possible, with technology, and a commitment to be accountable to your health, from two of our thought leaders in holistic nutrition.

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