130: What’s Worse, The Flu or The Vaccine? Pt2 (Revisited)

Pretty girl lying sick on a couch

Dr. Jack and Mary continue this week with our deep dive into the flu vaccine taken from an episode last year. They explain the differences and cooperation between cell-mediated immunity and humoral immunity, and more importantly, the way vaccinations bypass the natural, cell-mediated part of the process, undermining the normal immune response with a synthetic replacement that may or may not work, as discussed in the last episode.

The compounds used as an adjuvent or irritant are the real question. No studies are available demonstrating long-term health impacts of toxins like those found in many vaccines (in allegedly safe, limited dosages) when you continue to receive vaccinations on a regular basis.

The lack of research or even concern about this potentially toxic accumulation is puzzling and troubling, but then again, what can we expect from our modern medical culture?

Is there any hope or reason to be optimistic in this battle against wanton, ever increasing vaccination? Watch our videocast and find out!

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