90: Fire in the Belly – Eliminating Heartburn in 30 Days

Supplements to Eliminate Heartburn

This week Dr. Jack and Mary tackle a growing health problem for more and more Americans. It’s actually problems, because our medical system’s drug-addled approach has created numerous, chronic conditions that are slowly killing their patients.

We’re talking about Heartburn.

In some ways, our body’s first warning that we are probably eating garbage, heartburn has been a large-scale health problem for as long as we’ve had industrialized food production. Not to say there weren’t serious reflux problems more than 100 years ago, but it wasn’t impacting nearly everyone 100 years ago the way it seems to today.

But if you think the solution is to suppress acid production in your stomach, you need to listen to this very serious correction in your thinking.

People are taking drugs meant to be taken for weeks to address an isolated event, and they are taking them for their entire adult lives. Are you one of them?


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3 thoughts on “90: Fire in the Belly – Eliminating Heartburn in 30 Days

  1. Doug Kizerian says:

    My brother is on the drug.. can’t tell him anything….I make homemade raw milk yogurt my own pineapple and cider vinegar fermented veggie I usually don’t but I can eat about anything.. The vinegars help a lot… great show..I usually let it go for a while..Then I have catch up day on your shows… thank you for all you do.

  2. G says:

    I’ve been having some heart burn off and on for several years I was on acid reducers for a short time but now I am taking liquid calcium it seems to help get rid of the heartburn but it seems like when I stop it for a week The heartburn is slowly coming back , any suggestions? Thanks for your work

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:

      Sounds like you’ve been trying to take charge of your health! Great! There’s just a few suggestions we have that we think will make all the difference in your heartburn problem – it will be a foundational solution that will go to the heart of the matter.

      Make sure you listen to the whole Podcast #90 “Fire In The Belly – Eliminating Heartburn in 30 Days (or less)”, above. That would be a great place to start. But we’ll just give you the Cliff Notes right now, right here, so you can get out of pain asap! We know heartburn can be devastating…

      Your use of the liquid calcium was probably buffering the acid buildup, so that was why you were feeling better temporarily, but that did not get to the underlying problem.

      This may sound counter-intuitive but your problem probably stems from too little acid, not too much. This is fully explained in the podcast mentioned above.

      Without sufficient amounts of acid the food in your stomach remains there for hours, not being able to be released into the small intestine, forming a volcano of gas, unnatural acids, bloating and pressure.

      Thousands of our patients find quick relief when they take 3 or 4 Zypan and 2 or more Multizyme following a meal.

      If you have a username and password you can find easy access to this protocol on our website http://www.ForbiddenDoctor.com, search for “Heartburn”.

      Thanks for your question and thanks for listening.

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