189: Dr. Lowell Kepel on the Forbidden Secret to End Autoimmune Disease


What if the key to our body’s autoimmune responses were inextricably linked with the foods we eat? Wouldn’t that be a critical avenue for modern medical treatment? Why then do doctors continue to treat autoimmune symptoms, such as inflammation, as a problem for drugs to hide?

Dr. Jack and Mary are back with a unique episode. Recently sitting down to speak with Dr. Lowell Keppel, the three cover a wide range of topics all connected to the history and science of protomorphogens, one of the most important discoveries of nutrition pioneer Dr. Royal Lee. Tune in to learn how your own body’s immune reactions are closely tied to your metabolism and your diet. It is possible to get a handle on the autoimmune epidemic, but first we need to know the problem for what it is: your body attacking itself.


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2 thoughts on “189: Dr. Lowell Kepel on the Forbidden Secret to End Autoimmune Disease

  1. shirley says:

    Wow – this information was mind blowing! All this time I have been working on trying to get my body to heal my autoimmune disease by taking supplements and eating lots of vegetables. Thanks! Now I just need to find the correct meat organ or supplement that my body needs.
    Thank you so much

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