188: Clearing Up Vaccine Confusion With Dr. Michael Gaeta


We strive to educate our listeners on complicated topics. Sometimes the nuance can be lost in translation. We’ve never been anti-vaxxers, so much as pro-vaccine education, which western doctors do not participate in.

This week, Dr. Jack and Mary interview a doctor who has been at the forefront of this controversy almost since the start: Dr. Michael Gaeta from the Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine shows his deep technical expertise on the topic of vaccinations, the sordid history, and why education matters more than ever before.


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2 thoughts on “188: Clearing Up Vaccine Confusion With Dr. Michael Gaeta

  1. Debbie says:

    I am having health challenges and I just saw my internal medicine today. He asked me if I would like to get the flu shot? I said no, I have never had flu shot. He said the shot can actually boost the immune system, Is the true? I have degenerative disc disease and herniated discs L4, L5, S1 S2 tarlov cyst. Also diagnosed with MS at the age of 40, I am now 62. I am still walking, but using a walker, not because of MS, but from herniated disc.

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:

      The reason some people get sick after a flu shot is that the immune system is terribly compromised by a vaccination. All the chemicals present in the vaccine cocktail are noxious and toxic to the human body. It does not boost the immune system. With the decreased immune result present almost any available pathogen can take hold and lead to sickness.

      Year after year the CDC announces another failure of the flu vaccine in the spring, from the previous “flu season”.

      To suggest to you by your medical doctor that the vaccine would “boost” your immune system is ludicrous and equally dangerous. Medical doctors are taught in med school that vaccines are safe and effective. That, unfortunately, is all they collectively know. They do not study it. Most of them do not research. The public mistakenly assumes MDs are scientists. Unless there is a Ph.D. after their name they have not been trained in scientific research. The MDs that do study it stop using it and are ostracised by their own profession. We are currently taking care of a patient that almost lost his life from Guillian Barre syndrome, almost exclusively caused by the flu vaccine as his doctors told him. They also told him to never get another flu vaccine.

      As far as your spine is concerned I highly recommend seeing a NUCCA doctor (nucca.org) as I have three herniated discs in my lower back and I am without pain and very mobile due to care from my NUCCA doctor.

      We have a great protocol for multiple sclerosis that you might consider.

      Thanks for listening…

      Dr. Jack and Mary

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