186: Cutting Edge Integrative Cancer Care With Dr. Michael Karlfeldt


With Cancer diagnoses blowing up the US medical establishment, it is high time we identify processes more helpful than weakening and sickening cancer patients with minimally effective poisons; the treatment we all know as chemotherapy.

This week Dr. Jack and Mary interview Dr. Michael Karlfeldt on some of the most surprising developments in alternative cancer therapies. The hopelessness of chemo need not be the only path forward. From the incredible relationship between sugar and cancer, to the way metabolism impacts every aspect of a cancer’s growth, Dr. Karlfeldt has seen stunning results with a different approach. Tune in to learn how there is real hope for several different processes when battling this dreaded disease. Shrinking the cancer should not be the end goal. Eradicating the cancer should be the end goal.

Supplemental Links:

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