107: Root Canals – Are They Killing You?

Are Root Canals Killing Us?

After some stunning dental developments with Dr. Jack, he and Mary learned much more than they bargained for about the history of dentistry, the root canal process and numerous studies related to this procedure, and more to the point, why we may all be poisoning ourselves slowly, through the deadening of nerves in teeth, which in turn disguises all manner of severe infections and necrotizing tissue that could be festering in many of our mouths right now.

You read that right – dead and decaying matter in the “heart” of root canal treated teeth!

And as usual, there are financial forces directing the discrediting of doctors and dentists that have been trying to raise this alarm for many years. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on root canals annually, and it is a procedure with terrific margins for the attending dental surgeon. No one wants to learn that this popular procedure could be making people extremely sick over time.

Dr. Jack has been recovering for two weeks after the removal of several diseased teeth that had been in his mouth for years after routine root canals. In his own words, “I feel like I’m ten years younger.” We broke this important podcast into two parts because there was a lot to cover in this amazing saga of Jack’s teeth.

And Mary is scheduled for an extraction of her lone root canal tooth next week! Tune in to find out why…

11 thoughts on “107: Root Canals – Are They Killing You?

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:

      We try to produce a broadcast people will not only want to listen to but refer to others….thanks for listening.

  1. jrhinehart says:

    I love your podcasts, and I’m in the process of listening to them all. I do however, wish there wasn’t quite as much over talking, and interruptions, but other wise I love them, and I’m learning so much. Please keep up the good work. I ordered the Long life Energy Enzymes, and received them yesterday…I can’t wait to get started on them..

    Thank you for what you do..

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:

      Sometimes Mary and I trip all over each other just getting into our broadcast room to record the podcast! We have heard this comment before. We just get so excited over these podcasts that it seems like a race each of us has to win. Your comment is well taken and we will try to be more respective of the listener’s patience. This has been such fun we sometimes forget people are listening…..

      Dr. Jack and Mary

  2. Larry Staker says:

    Thank You so much for this podcast. This is a revelation to all, including most dentists!
    My long time love for you two has been Jacked up even higher!
    I’m sure I have several teeth that need to come out.
    Three or four Congaplex in the morning and three or four at night keeps my teeth infections at bay.
    Thanks again for all your information profiles you have put together over the years. This is one that goes to the top of the list.
    Bless all you at Dr Jacks office.
    Larry Staker

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:


      What a tremendous surprise I had ridding myself of these poisonous root canals. The after effects are still in process. Please consider this…..at least discuss this with a “biological” dentist.” There is a post canal removal protocol at the end of podcast #108

      Dr Jack and Mary


  3. Jackie says:

    Please give me the Name, City and Phone # of the Dr. Dentist that lives in California you talked about in this Pod Cast. I want to have this done with my teeth. I do live in California. Thank you

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:

      Hi Jackie – The doctor lives and practices in Bountiful, Utah, Dr. Judson Wall 801-298-1812, who did my work. He has an associate who practices in Marin County in California, Dr. Myles Prebel 415-924-6551

  4. Lana says:

    Thank you so much for all of your valuable information that you bless us with!

    Can you please tell my the kind of ex-ray need to diagnose this type of infection in a root canal and do you have to go to a biological dentist? Also can this sort of thing cause recession of the gums. brain fog and emotional issues?

    Thank you

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:

      Hi Lana,

      It’s too new to really understand all the implications and symptoms but we would not be surprised. You typically need a biological dentist to do the cone view CT scan.

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