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GAPS book picture2300 years ago, the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, said, “All diseases begin in the gut.” That’s a nice saying and all, but what does it mean? Does it just mean we need to get our gut healthy because we trust him? No, it means if we can’t digest our food what do we have? If we can’t break down our proteins and emulsify our fats, in other words, DIGEST our food, what do we have? We have nothing but disease and a miserable quality of life…as we slowly starve to death.

The supplements we recommend below, during the GAPS diet, are mostly to ENABLE you to digest your food – they don’t necessarily feed you. After you do the GAPS program for about – get this – only a couple of months, you should be feeling so much better that you can drop off many of these supplements and you can go on a maintenance supplemental program of whole food nutrition which you cannot easily get in your daily diet. (How many of you eat organ meat? Omega 3’s, fats, iodine, whole food organic food – every day, or even at all?)

The protocol below is what we have recommended for hundreds of patients, and importantly, ourselves – both myself as well as Dr. Jack. This works. Going to the foundational problem fixes everything. Because nobody in the world knows what’s going on inside of you. No doctor, not me, not even you. But your BODY knows. Your body knows every little artery it wants to fix, every neuron it needs to repair. So if we go foundationally – to the gut, as Hippocrates said, which enables you to digest and absorb your food, your body will take care of you, and it will do what it has always done – REPAIR AND RESTORE.

Hippocrates, 2300 years later, is now being validated with the latest medical research showing, that almost all gastrointestinal diseases and central nervous system disorders, can be related to the health or sickness of the gut. Listen to podcasts #4, #42, and #43 for a deeper, more foundational understanding, as to how the health of your gut relates to the overall health of the whole body. True healthcare has come full circle since the days of Hippocrates. From the gut in his day, to magic and the occult, to leeches and bleedings, to bug resistant antibiotics, back again to the gut.

By unleashing the Forbidden Doctor within, this protocol gives support to enable your body to heal itself. – Mary H. Stockwell, CGP (Certified GAPS Practitioner)

 GAPS – Gut Dysbiosis – Adult (Most Popular) Protocol

GAPS – Gut Dysbiosis – Adult (Most Popular)     Zypan, (4 tablets – 50-60 minutes after each meal. Contains HCL, pepsin, pancreatic & digestive enzymes that help liquify food & stimulates the gallbladder and pancreas. Helps to breakdown the protein into peptides and then into amino acids so your body can use the proteins for rebuilding. Proteins are the building blocks of everything in your body.)
Zymex Wafers, (Chew 4 wafers am/pm. Zymex helps create an environment in the “soil” of the small intestines so the good bacteria needed in the mucosa can produce the hormones, antibacterial agents, and keep all the microflora healthy that are needed to support digestion. Zymex also “eats the food” that candida wants, and balances the pH. Also helps with fungus overgrowth and sugar cravings!)
Lactic Acid Yeast Wafers (Chew 4 wafers am/pm. Creates a healthy terrain in the colon to allow the proper bacteria to flourish by acidifying the colon.)
Enzycore (2/meal. Contains L-Glutamine to heal and seal the gut, which eliminates allergies. Plant Enzymes)
Dermatrophin PMG (2 tablets on empty stomach am/pm for support of autoimmune issues with the skin and gut)
Cyruta Plus (6 tablets every meal. 24/day, after Stage 1 of GAPS. Very powerful collagen healing food to rebuild the gut walls)
Cod Liver Oil (2 pearls 3x a day. Vit D & Vit A, supports heart, bones, teeth, eyes, liver & immune)
Linum B6 (3 pearls twice a day. Flax oil for healing skin, hair and prostate)
Calcifood Wafers (Chew 2 wafers with each meal. Raw bone marrow – rebuilds bones – complete protein)
Prolamine Iodine (3 tablets am/pm. Helps fats to absorb into the cell membranes, also thyroid and weight support)
Gut Flora Complex (1-2 capsules am/pm. Intestinal fungus dysbiosis treatment)
ProSynbiotic Probiotic (12/day ProSynbiotic has Prebiotic inulin in it which feeds the good bacteria contained in the capsule. Probiotics without Inulin fiber have no lasting effect, they don’t recolonize the guy- they work only while you’re using them.)
Okra Pepsin-E3 (2 capsules 15 minutes before meals, Cleans out unhealthy mucus in the small intestine, also supports gut cleansing, function, and mucosal tissue)
General Health Pack (1packet at breakfast. Whole-food Multivitamin, Trace Minerals & Tuna Omega-3 oil DHA & EPA.)
Longlife Energy Enzymes (4 twice a day on an empty stomach, provides powerful enzymes for complete digestion of food, assimilation of nutrients and sugar cravings and balancing out blood sugar)
A-F Betafood (Chew 3 with every meal. Supports liver/GB in healthy fat digestion, weight loss and bowel function
Multizyme (2-3 capsules per meal. Multiple animal enzymes with pepsin and pancreatin 3x for digestion of food)
Protefood (1 capsule with every meal. Essential amino acids, RNA & vitamin C, calcium, potassium & adrenal, for immune, skeletal, muscular & collagen rebuilding support)
Chlorophyll Complex™ (3 pearls on an empty stomach, twice a day. For pain, inflammation, smelly BM & BO & healing of the gut wall!)
Zinc Liver Chelate (1-2 tablets am/pm. Activates over 300 enzymes, helps: exhaustion, healing, memory, prostate, immune, low-libido, etc)
Spanish Black Radish (3 tablets am/pm. Supports liver/kidney in phase II detox & brushes debris out of colon)
Pituitrophin PMG (3 tablets in the morning on an empty stomach. The pituitary gland releases growth hormone that is vital for active and plentiful cell reproduction of the tissues lining the gut wall that change literally, every 3 to 5 days. Pituitriphoin PMG helps to support the pituitary in this function.)
Garlic Forte (1 tablet am/pm. Very powerful natural antibiotic & antimicrobial – helps eradicate harmful flora)
Golden Seal 500 mg (1 tablet am/pm. Protects the mucus layer in the gut, and for chronic infections)

Consider a Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT). Listen to this podcast Episode #75: A Forbidden Medical Treatment

Caution: This protocol is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation.

Questions about this protocol? Why not ask Dr. Jack and Mary directly? They will respond to patient texts at 801-556-1477 and emails to There are no “dumb questions” and you can expect absolute discretion and privacy.
  • The protocol above is designed to address your issues at the foundational level, and not to treat disease. This means, in our opinion, most of our health problems, short of accident or trauma, are of a dietary nutritional deficiency. The listed protocol or supplement provides your body with essential micro and macronut­­­­rients to help and assist normal nutritional balance.
  • Daily dosage are in ( ) parenthesis for most protocols; for example (6) means take 6 per day, but spread it out by taking half in the morning and half in the evening. Some protocols will have more specific instructions to follow.
  • MediHerb products, shown in italics, often speed healing response and should be considered for most protocols unless contraindicated.
  • We recommend adding the General Health Daily Fundamentals pack to each protocol. This adds in the critical foundational nutrition each protocol needs. It contains Catalyn––an entirely whole-food and glandular broad-spectrum multivitamin, Trace Minerals-B12, and Tuna Omega-3 pearls for your DHA and EPA omega 3 fatty acids daily requirements.
  • Spacing out the daily doses throughout the day improves absorption and is strongly recommended.
  • Most supplements should be taken with food except for PMG’s, most calcium products, Gastrex, Chlorophyll Complex™, Okra Pepsin E3, Cholocol II and Zymex II. Also, most herbs work more efficiently if taken away from food.
  • Be advised that these nutritional and herbal products are not intended as a primary therapy for any disease, but rather to provide nutritional and herbal support to help normalize body physiology and repair.


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