165: The Anti-Cancer Effects of Turmeric


Is it any wonder why alternative medicine is considered an also-ran in the US medical system? Our own government has been starving researchers of funding for nutrition and alternative compound research that can help in the fight against cancer.

This naturally leads to pharmaceutical companies touting the latest breakthrough in incremental drug-based symptom management until death. It’s really the most profitable model.

We need to look to other developed nations with universal health care to see a major change in this research funding philosophy. If we look to China, for example, their research goes to saving lives and saving money simultaneously, instead of prolonging lives while making money, the way we do here.

What’s the result? Well, Chinese researchers are sharing incredible new research on the benefits of turmeric. Yes. Food-based turmeric has not only been called a super food, an anti-inflammatory and anti-stress compound of the highest order, but now we see amazing synergy between the use of turmeric and standard chemo-resistant cancer cells normally thriving despite the poisons running through your body.

This is a scandal of the highest order, and as usual, it’s the magical “drugs for everything” trope getting in the way of our health.

Tune in to find out how this injustice can effect us all, and what to do about it.


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