141: Infertility, Miscarriage, & Heart Muscle Weakness

doctor delivering bad news to a hopeful young couple

This week Dr. Jack pulls back the veil on one of the more infuriating tragedies of modern nutrition. Nearly a century ago, as researchers including Dr. Royal Lee identified amazing health benefits from Vitamin E complex, including direct impacts on human fertility, the machine of industry sought to produce a cheaper version, and the synthetic Vitamin E we know today was born. Stripped of it’s vitamin complex properties for ease of storage and cost-cutting, it now comprises a startling percentage of the E vitamin category we are taking into our bodies. This is tragic.

As we’ve watched American infertility climb nearly two and a half percent over the last few decades, from 1 in 7 couples, up to nearly 1 in 6 couples, no one seems to have any context for what might be happening. But Royal Lee predicted precisely what we see today in the 1930’s. Then as now, the solution was to go back to the whole food sources. Tune in to find out a tragically simple solution to all-too-common vitamin E-complex deficiencies. This could make a huge difference to so many people, but only if we get the word out.

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