121: Forbidden Dangers Of “The Pill”

Forbidden Dangers Of The Pill

Oral Contraception has given millions of woman control over their reproductive choices, and we firmly believe that giving women options when planning their families is the sign of a healthy society on the right side of history.

But good intentions will only get you so far, and some of the information Dr. Jack and Mary uncovered this week about the history of “The Pill” and the chemical cocktails that have evolved over the decades, is startling indeed.

From the well-known, fairly rare strokes and cardiac episodes, to the lesser known suppression of nutrient absorption and clotting in the blood, the modern pill is no modern miracle. Even the healthiest women should consider their nutrition very closely when using oral contraception.

Tune in to learn more about the science of oral contraception, and the potential health problems that should be a part of any woman’s decision-making.

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Controversy? The Societal Benefits of Contraception
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