113: Tribal Shame and Its Impact On Your Health

This week Dr. Jack and Mary discuss tribal shame and how each of us is impacted in fundamental ways, by the manner in which we strive to fit in in society. The self-surrender necessary to be part of the tribe – be it your family, your neighborhood, your town, or your country cuts both ways. There can be amazing, wonderful benefits to tribal inclusiveness, of course. But there can be seriously detrimental effects on your psyche and your well-being when you are going along with the tribe.

Leaving the tribe can sometimes feel nigh impossible. Tune in to find out why we each have to own our place in the tribe and we each have to have the courage to sometimes “leave the tribe”, to save our health and our sanity.

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3 thoughts on “113: Tribal Shame and Its Impact On Your Health

  1. Candy Magnuson says:

    Could not open the video but the subject was right on…sometimes you have to move away and just visit a few times a year.

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