35: Vaccines Part 2: What’s In That Vaccine?


Why You Should Listen:

What’s in that “safe and effective” vaccine… just sterile water and dead viruses… right?  You might be surprised!  Listen in as we expose the forbidden secrets of the vaccine industry, so you’ll be better able to make a decision about vaccinations for your children from a place of informed choice.

What You Will Hear:

  • [00:04:10] The illusion of safety: a case for informed choice.
  • [00:10:15] A brief history of vaccinations, backbone of our modern medical industry, and chiropractic, its fiercest competitor
  • [00:15:35] “He who controls the purse strings…” and how the truth of history was lost to our generation
  • [00:27:45] Vaccines simplified: check out OUR BOOK
  • [00:28:50] Ammonium sulfate: disrupts protein synthesis in the vaccine… and in your body
  • [00:30:05] Beta-propiolactone: 1 of 13 industry-oriented OSHA-regulated carcinogens
  • [00:31:30] Genetically modified yeast, animal bacteria, and viral DNA: what happens when we incorporate messaging from other life forms into our own blueprint
  • [00:33:30] Latex rubber: cause of life-threatening allergic reactions, anaphylactic and hypovolemic shock
  • [00:36:40] Monosodium glutamate: because vaccines should taste good??
  • [00:38:30] Aluminum oxide: alternative to mercury, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s safe!
  • [00:41:55] Formaldehyde: major constituent of embalming fluid… and vaccines!
  • [00:42:55] Microorganisms: how SV40 is being found in human bone, brain, and lung as mesothelioma and lymphoma
  • [00:43:40] Polysorbate 80: how to trick the body into fighting a dead virus
  • [00:44:20] Tributyl phosphate: potent kidney and nerve poison… and we don’t even know why it’s in there!
  • [00:44:45] Glutaraldehyde: known to cause birth defects in experimental animals
  • [00:45:20] Gentamycin sulfate: a toxic antibiotic used to keep anything that shouldn’t be in the vaccine from growing… now that’s scary!
  • [00:46:05] Mercury: poisoning with mercury mimics Autism, and it’s still in every flu shot!
  • [00:49:50] Neomycin sulfate: interferes with b6 absorption, causing a rare form of epilepsy and mental retardation
  • [00:50:55] Phenoxyethanol: an antifreeze agent used to kill thousands of people in concentration camps
  • [00:54:10] Human cells from aborted fetuses, pig blood, horse blood, dog kidneys, rabbit and mouse brains, cow hearts, monkey kidneys, chick embryos, chicken eggs, duck eggs, calf serum, sheep blood: how to cultivate viruses AND allergies!

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6 thoughts on “35: Vaccines Part 2: What’s In That Vaccine?

  1. joffrey says:

    my wife and i have a 5 month old boy Maverick currently vaccine fee and working on a medical exemption. just wanted to thank both of you for doing this pod cast and giving access to archive podcasts it is extremely helpful and in my opinion a priceless form of getting informed so again thank you so much for doing what you do here.

  2. Kaitlyn Rosas says:

    I can’t seem to find the list of ingredients in the vaccines that I heard about on this episode. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:

      Hi Kaitlyn – if you notice, the time breakdown of the episode actually lists the various ingredients discussed and the time they are discussed. This show is about a lot of different vaccine additives, many years before our current pandemic.

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