36: Vaccinations Part 3: The Rise of Autoimmune Disease

Boy waiting to get vaccine

Why You Should Listen:

Are you playing “Russian roulette” with your children’s immune system? Do you know over 100 vaccinations will be given to a child before they are six years old? 70 years ago, auto-immune diseases did not exist. What is this silent epidemic? Why do we have the sickest children in the developed world? Why do certain ingredients that other countries have banned, remain in our vaccines without proper data and research?

We have a broken system when it comes to vaccines. We have virtually no long term data, too many unanswered questions, and too many things going on behind the scenes that people don’t know about. Don’t be in the dark for a minute longer – LISTEN NOW!

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3 thoughts on “36: Vaccinations Part 3: The Rise of Autoimmune Disease

  1. Phil says:

    I have been preaching about how bad vaccinations are to my family for years with no success. I will buy all three of these pod casts for the family when they come out on a CD and hopefully they will finally be convinced. The corruption with the medical and big pharma industries is overwhelming. Thank you so much for bringing this information to the general public. I love the forbidden doctor pod casts and the valuable information that they give.

    • forbiddendoctor says:


      If we can save one child from the disastrous consequences of these harmful chemicals, it will be worth the time and effort we put into these podcasts. What is amazing to us is with the continuing coming forth of whistle blowers in the FDA and CDC and Big Pharma, that people still ignore the confessions of the scientists involved, as to doctored results of their own studies.

      More and more doctors and scientists are telling the truth to the terrible risks involved with this “scientific” hoax. And even with that, people still want to believe their ill informed doctor knows best. Did you know a certain poll revealed that the more educated a parent is, the less likely they are to vaccinate their children?

      Thanks for your listenership…..

      Dr Jack and Mary

  2. Jana Rhinehart says:

    Have you guys made CD’s of your podcast that I can buy? Several of my family either do not have computers or their speakers are bad and can’t listen. This information needs desperately to get out to everyone!

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