50: The Role of Enzymes In Fighting Disease

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Enzymes are an inseparable part of our body. Of any living body, for that matter. We keep hearing about enzymes and how much power they have, so we decided it was about time to sit down and break down the science behind enzymes: What enzymes are, how they work and why they help prevent diseases such as cancer.

This podcast works in conjunction with our article on why enzymes are so important for healthy digestive function. The health of your enzymes in digestion, which in turn informs the wellness of every system downstream, nourished by what you eat, are the key to true wellness and long life.

A good digestive system aided with enzyme supplements can provide the complete nourishment your body requires for energy,  strong immune response, good brain activity, healthy blood and healthy heart, good sexual function, healthy babies and the list goes on.

If you have enough enzymes you already have everything you need to lead a long and healthy life. It’s as simple as that.

What You Will Hear:

  • [00:02:22] What are Enzymes and how they work
  • [00:04:00] Where does one find enzymes?
  • [00:08:28] How enzymes help prevent cancer
  • [00:12:00] 3 types of enzymes and how they operate
  • [00:12:05] Amylase and breaking down carbs
  • [00:12:58] Lipase and breaking down fats
  • [00:19:33] How to detect processed food that is bad for you
  • [00:21:16] How can one increase the benefits they get from enzymes on a daily basis
  • [00:25:36] Your greatest weapon against germs and viruses

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2 thoughts on “50: The Role of Enzymes In Fighting Disease

  1. Edwin says:

    I have a big problem and it’s lengthy! I drive truck, Phoenix to Vegas and back 4 times a week! Tuesday morning I leave around 4a.m. and do not make it back to Phoenix until around 6a.m. on Wednesday! Leave out again on Wednesday evening around 8 or 10p.m. and I do get back to Phoenix Thursday 10a.m. to noon! Leave out again around 1a.m. Friday morning and don’t make it back till 3 or 4a.m. Saturday morning! Leave out again Saturday around 6p.m. or so get back around 8 or 9a.m. Sunday! I am single so there is no one to help with anything around the apartment! My sleep habits, as you can see, stink! Very hard to get/keep a good diet! Starting to tell on me and getting close to having a sugar problem! Well there it is! Any suggestions? I listen to you on “The Good Day Show” w/Doug Stephan and like what I hear! Can you help me?

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:

      Good grief! You are a busy man! We have some wonderful news for you. We have, one of our favorite patients, get himself almost completely healthy (except for some weight he still needs to lose) while being a long haul truck driver. The problem with the weight, as you are well aware, is he doesn’t have much time to exercise. But he was so bad off, health wise, it almost cost him his career.
      He was schizophrenic, and one of his personalities caused him to almost run somebody off the road! So he was very concerned and very motivated to change his course in life. And he did. He did the GAPS diet while driving truck. We are not kidding. He made gallons of GAPS soup on the 1 or 2 days he had off every month, and froze it. He then put a crock pot in his truck and just heated up the soup on the road. He also took a boat load of supplements because that is easier than making all the other foods that go along with the diet. If you go to this URL: http://www.forbiddendoctor.com/survey and take our Symptom Survey, we will get back with you with a personalized supplement protocol. In fact, Mary will look up the exact protocol she gave to this truck driver and modify it some to fit your symptoms and send it right back to you.

      Good luck with this; if he can do it, you can too. Don’t wait until you are in as bad of a place as he was physically.

      Dr. Jack and Mary.

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