16: Forbidden Forgiveness – The 5-Minute Forgiveness Cure

Butterflies mad of water

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2 thoughts on “16: Forbidden Forgiveness – The 5-Minute Forgiveness Cure

  1. Jennifer Gates says:

    Hi Jack, Mary, & Everyone,
    This is Jennifer or Jenny (I’m fine w/ either name :)) & I just listened to the Forgiveness podcast. I liked the Poem & Song. It was cool when your daughter (Ambrosia, I think?) sang her song & then made that comment at the end. Good timing on her part! 😀 
    Anyway, I’ve had 2 thoughts from this podcast.

    1.)   When I was growing up, I always had a desire to have my own family. I also remember in high school that I wanted to graduate from it & then graduate from college. As I was finishing up my last semester, I took on a part time job & worked at a school. Now the school year is done & I haven’t been called back because they need someone with different skills they’re looking for that will better meet the need for that job. 
    I have been researching on possible jobs & I felt I have hit a wall. I’ve also wondered lately what my purpose is here in this life. 
    Part way through the podcast, I thought “(Self) What do you want your purpose in life to be?”. I thought about meditating & trying to listen to my soul & find out what that purpose can be. I’m glad to be me. I don’t like the medical problem my body has, but I’ve always liked my hair & I like being able to be me! I hope I can find my purpose & desire of how I want to live. I hope I can learn more & be more “Me”. My true & awesome, fun, & releasing freedom of me!!!! 😀

    2.) Two scriptures came to mind that I think could help others:
    – “Love thy neighbor as thy Self”
     Often times we forget the “Self” in this verse & we get bogged down with trying to serve others. We forget that in order to best serve others, we need to love ourselves. How can we pull others out of a flood if we’re still in the water ourselves?
    “The Good Lord helps those who helps themselves”, as the saying goes!
    – In the Mormon religion, we believe that Jesus Christ & Jehovah are the same being. Jehovah in the Old Testament & Jesus in the new. The scripture that came to my mind is: “I Am that I Am.” We are who we are ourselves too. I think God was trying to tell is to be ourselves & to love ourselves, as you mentioned in this podcast, as much as we need to give love to others.

    Thank you for your podcasts & incite to truly forgiving ourselves & to listen to our inner wonderful selves! 

    Why be too, when you can be you?! 😉

    (P.S. You can share or talk about this post if you’d like. Also, please check out Dr. Lund & his message about Forgiving self & others. Very cool!)

    • forbiddendoctor says:


      Thank you so much! We do not get a lot of response to that particular podcast, because it is troubling for a lot of Mormons to love themselves first. You are on the right track and you are one less listener we need to worry about.
      Thank you for you insights and the okay to use your comments on a future podcast!

      -Dr. Jack and Mary

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