149: Strokes – Prevention & Recovery

Strokes - Prevention & Recovery

This week Dr. Jack and Mary talk through the science of strokes, including the different kinds of strokes and variations on the nutritional implications of each kind. From the terrible advice given to nearly every single aging patient, to our malnourished systems struggling on their own as we age, we are creating a perfect storm for a surge in stroke events in the US.

And survival can mean many different things.

Surviving a stroke is the first step, but how we nourish our brains and bodies after a stroke will make all the difference in how successful recovery can be. These heartbreaking events can disrupt and ruin lives, but it’s within our power to minimize the risk and maximize our chances of recovery. The bleak future doctors explain you are facing after a stroke is only from a medical point of view. In this podcast, we explain the forbidden alternative possibilities that are real and available to you.

Tune in to learn some simple drug-free solutions to decrease the odds of a stroke, and what to do if you or a loved one has had a stroke.


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2 thoughts on “149: Strokes – Prevention & Recovery

  1. Ron Rhinehart says:

    We always look forward to hearing your new podcasts,. They are so informative and helpful! The latest one was especially informative! All tho neither one of us have ever had a stroke, we gained so much knowledge from this podcast.
    Thank you so much for what you do. The information is priceless. We have listened to every podcast at least once, and some more than once.
    Thanks again
    Ron and Jana Rhinehart

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