Addison's Disease or Hypoadrenia Supplement Protocol


Hypoadrenia means low functioning adrenal glands, a malady which expresses itself in a myriad of symptoms that are interrelated with hormone issues and blood sugar problems (hypoglycemia) that often overlap. In fact there is a very similar malady, Adrenal Fatigue that has many of the same essential symptoms and treatments as Hypoadrenia, but with slightly different protocols to address several specific symptoms that are different.

Once you have Hypoadrenia and the cycle continues, it’s difficult to manage. Thankfully we have great supplemental support for this (below)!  Getting consistent sleep to balance your natural hydrocortisone is key to getting better.


Are there common symptoms of Hypoadrenia?

Most notable symptoms of Hypoadrenia include:

  • A vicious cycle of chronic fatigue oscillations – when you are supposed to be sleeping you are overexcited & awake, when  you are supposed to be awake in a functioning state you are instead tired/sleepy and weak.
  • Irritability, nervousness, anxiety, excessive worrying, indecisiveness, weepiness, hysteria
  • Sensitivity to cold, cold hands and feet
  • Weakness, light-headedness, vertigo
  • Low blood pressure, poor circulation & thus heart palpitations
  • Loss of appetite
  • Craving for primarily salt & sometimes sweets
  • Dry skin, sparse hair
  • Slouching posture
  • Specific For Women: PMS, menstrual irregularities, miscarriage, infertility, ovarian dysfunction
  • Specific For Men: low sperm count, enlarged breasts


Hypoadrenia Symptoms Reversed via Supplements?Being part of the endocrine system, the adrenal glands work in conjunction with the thyroid, pituitary, and hypothalamus glands. If any one of these glands begins to malfunction, the effects often ripple through other endocrine glands (and eventually the whole body), making it difficult to tell which one is actually the true source of the problem.  So remember to treat the entire HPA (Hypothalamus Pituitary Adrenal) axis & thyroid when healing adrenal problems.  The protocol you will find below will rebuild your entire hormonal system and thus your whole body.  And remember with every protocol you will find on this website we recommend you add the General Daily Health Pack which includes a whole food Multivitamin: Catalyn, Trace Minerals B12 & Tuna Omega-3 which you should have as a basis of nutrition everyday.

For people who have experienced adrenal problems it’s difficult to describe in words.  I think all adrenal patients would conclude they would do anything to get better.  Many adrenal patients, even those on the verge of fatal outcomes, have recovered beautifully from using the supplement, diet & exercise advice you will find here.  Along with the supplements, it’s important to get consistent sleep, to reduce stress & simplify your life (in whatever means necessary, this is your life we’re talking about), low intensity exercise (like walking or yoga or swimming, etc), eliminate or at least reduce refined sugar & carbohydrates in your diet.

If you don’t feel symptoms of anxiety, but are otherwise battling chronic fatigue, then you should check out our protocol for Addison’s Disease or Adrenal Exhaustion here.

Hypoadrenia Protocol

Dr. Jack and Mary Stockwell, CGP, have a specific supplement protocol for Hypoadrenia however we do not recommend nutritional support for non-patients using generic protocols. To access our Patient-Only content on The Forbidden Doctor website, you must start by filling out our free Symptom Survey. Dr. Stockwell and his staff will review and provide customized supplement protocols for each new patient entering our practice. These personalized protocols will save you money immediately by guiding you to only the supplements you need. Once you are a patient who has been evaluated, you will be granted access to the Patient Portal and all of our Symptom Library protocols, including this one. There will also be a treasure trove of forbidden information that’s been kept from you for at least 90 years. Take The Symptom Survey
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