High Blood Pressure

Supplements Can Play a Role in Managing Your Blood Pressure

In a recent blog post we discussed the confusion around high blood pressure and what it can mean for your health. The bottom line: high blood pressure is an asymptomatic and potentially frightening malady that can lead to heart attack, stroke, loss of vision, loss of hearing, and many more health problems.

But the challenge is, pharmaceutical companies are actually trying to lower the recommended healthiest average blood pressure, to give us all a worsening score, and putting many more people under a doctor’s supervision of drug use.

But here is where real nutrition, and whole foods can make a real difference. There are many natural compounds that work to stabilize blood pressure naturally and are at least as effective as many pharmaceuticals. By nourishing your body properly, you may be able to completely eliminate your elevated blood pressure, and your doctor will happily give you permission to stop taking the medication once you’ve proven you have control over your blood pressure (seriously consult your doctor on this!).

To restate, whole food concentrates can play a role in alleviating or eliminating the symptoms of high blood pressure. These whole food supplements aid the body in its own ability to address blood pressure issues. By unleashing the Forbidden Doctor within, our protocols give support to a body healing itself.

High Blood Pressure Protocol

Dr. Jack and Mary Stockwell, CGP, have a specific supplement protocol for Blood Pressure| High however we do not recommend nutritional support for non-patients using generic protocols. To access our Patient-Only content on The Forbidden Doctor website, you must start by filling out our free Symptom Survey. Dr. Stockwell and his staff will review and provide customized supplement protocols for each new patient entering our practice. These personalized protocols will save you money immediately by guiding you to only the supplements you need. Once you are a patient who has been evaluated, you will be granted access to the Patient Portal and all of our Symptom Library protocols, including this one. There will also be a treasure trove of forbidden information that’s been kept from you for at least 90 years. Take The Symptom Survey
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2 thoughts on “High Blood Pressure

  1. Curt says:

    I’m new intent listener (and now my wife Bette also)… we both have known for a LONG TIME the the medical profession norms/pharma trades are not our “friends”. Your website was a great find for Us. We have done Dr Gundry’s diet and it was very successful, But found it somewhat restrictive on variety of foods. It deals with gut health… but I’ve felt that there’s more to it than that.

    Thanx, thanx… thanx

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:

      Thanks Curt – Have you looked into Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride? We have several podcasts on her work and our experience with it. I would suggest podcasts 4, 42, and 43 to start with.

      Thanks for your interest!

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