Acid Reflux

Supplements Can Ease The Symptoms Of Acid Reflux

What is Acid Reflux?

Acid Reflux is a condition that is the natural result of untreated heartburn over a long period of time. The esophageal sphincter, for various reasons, begins to allow stomach acids to travel back up the esophagus, causing chemical burns to the lining of the esophageal walls from the back of the throat all the way down to the stomach entrance itself.

Left untreated or ignored, the condition can become chronic, leading to Barrett’s Esophagus, a precancerous condition caused by chronic tissue damage in the esophageal lining.

But wouldn’t too much acid at least thoroughly “burn up” and break down the food we eat? This is the counter-intuitive part of acid reflux and heartburn.

What are the symptoms of Acid reflux?

We get it. Acid Reflux is awful and extremely painful and instant relief using drugs is tempting, but it does not fix the foundational problem. Symptoms such as:

  • Burning in the throat and esophagus
  • Bloating
  • Bad breath
  • Constipation
  • Changes in voice
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Irritated throat
  • Smelly stools
  • Poor digestion

What is the root cause of Acid Reflux?

In most cases, reflux stems from not enough – and not the right kind of – acid in the stomach. While we think of acid reflux as being “too much acid” it is almost always the opposite that is true.

Abdominal Pain from Acid RefluxAnd with not enough acid in the stomach, proper protein digestion of food is hopeless. This alone leads to food sitting in the stomach longer than it should, which can lead to stretching and even compromising the esophageal sphincter, and then the abnormal acids produced from the protein rotting, putrifying and fermenting, these abnormal acids can make their way back up your throat.

To make matters worse, Big Pharma and the US medical establishment decided that deactivating or turning off the acid pumps in your stomach and forcing your undigested food into your small intestine by relaxing the pyloric valve was a good way to stop the acid reflux. Egads!

Indeed, the esophageal pain and symptoms usually abate with a drug assault on your stomach acid production. But it means that you are simply pushing the problem further down the digestive tract, leading to poor nutrient absorption, bloating, and gas from poorly digested proteins. So the Prilosec and the Nexium and even the Tums will mask the symptoms of your poor gut health, but will make matters much worse in the long run!

Gas and bloating are typically less irritating problems for us to deal with than a real bout of reflux-induced heartburn, so it often takes years for the acid pump inhibitors to demonstrate obvious problems in the patient.

But make no mistake: we will look back at acid inhibitors as the dark ages of reflux and heartburn management. As is so often the case, the right combination of whole food concentrates can nourish your gut back to health and end reflux at the source of the problem, rather than masking acid in your stomach and pushing undigested food into your intestines to fester. Then the small intestines just push the undigested food down further into the colon … and the colon is a strong organ, but it cannot take 20 years of undigested food going through it.

In reality, heartburn getting worse and worse, despite the drugs. There is a BETTER way! Most acid reflux suffers don’t have ENOUGH acid in their stomachs. You read that right.

The real nightmare with acid reflux is how readily doctors are making matters worse for millions of people worldwide. Prescribing so-called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), we are creating a wasteland of poor digestion affecting EVERYTHING downstream from your stomach. These neutralize the acid in your stomach so you can no longer digest protein – the building block for everything in your body! Seriously. The problem is NOT overflowing acid in your stomach and it never was. So why on earth do doctors think it’s okay to meddle with the production of digestive acids BOGGLES THE MIND! Prescribing PPIs and ignoring any acid/alkaline balance (the real problem) is a MAJOR failure for medical systems the world over.

And that last one, poor digestion, is made worse by suppressing the production of acid. Let’s be clear. If you have acid reflux or severe heartburn a doctor will want to disrupt your natural digestion with PPIs. Drugs are all they have at their disposal. They have to follow the standard of care.

Doctors will try to suppress the acid production. Folk medicine will have you chug vinegar and pray (which will actually help!) Misguided friends will tell you to avoid MOST foods… All these solutions ignore the root cause: Healing the gut wall, restoring the microbiome, and helping the stomach to relearn how to make and release – at the right time – acid in the stomach. You need to have your stomach produce the correct acid, in the amount you need, released at the correct time, to balance and heal the reason for the acid reflux.

What role do whole food supplements play in Acid Reflux?

By nourishing the gut long-term, we eliminate the causes of heartburn in the first place, but short-term there are also several food-based solutions that are safe and effective and never impact your stomach’s natural acid production, which is fragile enough as it is without medicating and suppressing those functions. Zypan tablets will re-teach your gut to this.

Sometimes, it is best to have your protocol personalized for severe heartburn, so consider taking the Symptom Survey and we will help you nourish your gut back to health.

The protocol below for our patients mixes short-term relief with long-term gut health to provide you with foundational healing so your acid reflux will go away for good!

Acid Reflux Protocol

Take The Symptom Survey

Gastrex (3 in between breakfast & lunch, 3 in between lunch & dinner and 3 before bed.
Do this for 10 days, then switch to Zypan (3-4/meal one hour after eating. Set a timer.)
LongLife Energy Enzymes (2/meal)
Okra Pepsin-E3 (3/fifteen minutes before a meal)
DiGest Forte (1-2 tabs per meal – preferably a few minutes before a meal. We also recommend sucking on a tablet once or twice a day to activate the bitter receptors in your digestive tract. For severe digestive problems after a poorly combined meal, take 3-4 after the meal.)

Additional products:
Multizyme (Take 3-4 with meals for severe heartburn, or open a capsule and sprinkle the substance on the back of your tongue. This will immediately get rid of heartburn.)
Lact-Enz (If eating pasteurized dairy – take 3-4 capsules with the dairy)
Zymex Wafers (4/twice a day for foundational sugar-craving (candida overgrowth) help)
Lactic Acid Wafers (4/twice a day for inconsistent bowel movements)

Questions about this protocol? Why not ask Dr. Jack and Mary directly? They will respond to patient texts at 801-556-1477 and emails to There are no “dumb questions” and you can expect absolute discretion and privacy.
  • The protocol above is designed to address your issues at the foundational level, and not to treat disease. This means, in our opinion, most of our health problems, short of accident or trauma, are of a dietary nutritional deficiency. The listed protocol or supplement provides your body with essential micro and macronut­­­­rients to help and assist normal nutritional balance.
  • Daily dosage are in ( ) parenthesis for most protocols; for example (6) means take 6 per day, but spread it out by taking half in the morning and half in the evening. Some protocols will have more specific instructions to follow.
  • MediHerb products, shown in italics, often speed healing response and should be considered for most protocols unless contraindicated.
  • We recommend adding the General Health Daily Fundamentals pack to each protocol. This adds in the critical foundational nutrition each protocol needs. It contains Catalyn––an entirely whole-food and glandular broad-spectrum multivitamin, Trace Minerals-B12, and Tuna Omega-3 pearls for your DHA and EPA omega 3 fatty acids daily requirements.
  • Spacing out the daily doses throughout the day improves absorption and is strongly recommended.
  • Most supplements should be taken with food except for PMG’s, most calcium products, Gastrex, Chlorophyll Complex™, Okra Pepsin E3, Cholocol II and Zymex II. Also, most herbs work more efficiently if taken away from food.
  • Be advised that these nutritional and herbal products are not intended as a primary therapy for any disease, but rather to provide nutritional and herbal support to help normalize body physiology and repair.


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Dr. Jack and Mary Stockwell

We can help you stop this insanity. Real concentrated nutrition, with some natural compounds to bring your stomach back into proper pH balance is all most people need to solve their heartburn problems forever.
And our protocols are concentrated FOOD…Seriously.
Now our online system is set up so only our patients have access to this protocol. But don’t worry. It’s so easy to become a patient and it’s FREE! Fill out our Symptom Survey, get a free nutritional consultation, and gain access to this protocol and 700 others. “Sounds wonderful! How do we see this protocol?”

Sounds great!

“Meh. I’m still not sure”Blandy McBlandenstein says "meh"

Do I have to pay when the consultant calls?


Our nutritionists will educate you with no further obligation, but you will then have a way to purchase the concentrated whole food supplements you need to solve this problem.




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7 thoughts on “Acid Reflux

  1. Eleanor says:

    My son (3yo) keeps getting reflux episodes that make him throw up at night. What can I use for kids who won’t swallow supplements? I’ve been trying apple cider vinegar and making him drink water with Redmond clay.

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:

      Hi Eleanor,

      Good for you using apple cider vinegar! I’m hoping you haven’t given into the doctors and put him on a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) like Prilosec or Prevacid. That would inhibit protein absorption and he would not be able to heal his stomach or much of anything else without protein…

      We have a wonderful supplement that we think can help tremendously. You can open the capsule and just sprinkle it on the back of his tongue, and follow up with a glass of clean water. It also has bentonite clay in it so he can stop drinking the Redmond’s Clay. It would be good to also keep him on the apple cider vinegar because he can’t swallow pills… But if he could, he could take another supplement we offer which is almost miraculous for stopping heartburn in it’s tracks. (Just in case you, or his dad or another adult have acid reflux – this product is amazing!)

      As the problem won’t be fixed with either solution, you’ll need to go further to the foundational reason for the acid reflux to fix it permanently. That would be to slowly put him on the GAPS diet and supplementation and heal his gut, rebuild his microbiome and restore his health from the inside out.

      We would also suggest you take him off all grain, pasta’s and sugars – even juices, even 100% fruit juices. All juices. And start feeding him broth, liver, kefir, eggs, hard cheeses and raw milk.

      Have you taken the symptom survey on our website? If not, I would suggest you fill it out for your son and we will give you a little more personalized help for him. A short 30 minute conversation with one of our nutritional counselors – Jill Christiansen, LMT or Ambrosia Tuft, ACN would be so, so, so, so helpful. They are really nice and knowledgeable and will help you so much. You will love them!

      Take the Symptom Survey (You also might want to do one for yourself.)

      This is the only true way to heal your son’s issues. We need to fix the REASON for his acid reflux and heal him foundationally.

      Thanks for your interest and for being an attentive mom!


  2. Amelene South says:


    I am a patient of yours. I have a 3 month old baby who seems to have acid reflux. Spits up after nursing each time and throws up occasionally. I take Standard Process supplements myself. Wondering what I can do for her acid reflux.

    Thank you!

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:

      Hi Amelene,

      Every time I hear of another baby diagnosed with acid reflux I just want to freaking scream!!! Babies do not have acid reflux, just another stupid fad and trend with our so called “modern medicine”, the one that gave us leeches and thalidomide. Babies have colic, not acid reflux. The medical approach is to give them prilosec or some other frankenstein drug, that stops their little bodies from processing protein, and next to fat, the most important food in their diet. I take care of babies all the time for this and it usually only takes some Black Currant Seed Oil spilled on the back of their little tongues 2-3 times a day. Usually in 10-20 minutes, the colic is over. This gives them arachidonic acid in rich supply that their brain desperately needs. You can order that from our website or come to the office. You also might if still nursing, and not pumping, apply a little BioKult probiotic to your nipples and let her suckle that. Try to get in her 2-3 capsules a day. If pumping, just put it in the bottle. The BioKult is a wonderful probiotic also in the office.

      Dr. Jack and Mary

  3. David says:

    Hi, is there a protocol for handling GERD as there is for Acid Reflux?
    I’m told by the gastro’ doc that I have it as my stomach protrudes 6cm above my diaphragm.
    Does Zymex II help handle this condition? I learned a simple exercise that can force the stomach back down below the diaphragm using the momentum of gravity by standing on tippy toes then dropping to your heels with your body weight which jerks the stomach back down through the spincter. I’ve been doing this on and off for days now and it may be a valid claim as I am experiencing some relief. It feels like my lower esophageal sphincter is responding by staying closed more than before, like it’s supposed to. Still I have been practicing an alkaline diet to help prevent the gerd induced asthma .

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