24: One Supplement That Will Change the World Forever

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Why You Should Listen:

And now… the moment we’ve all been waiting for… the official unveiling of Forbidden Doctor’s LongLife Energy Enzymes!  You are probably aware you have a pancreas.  You may even know it has something to do with hormones or blood sugar.  That seems important… right?  Well, despite the bad publicity it gets for things like pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer, the pancreas, and its honorable work is often overlooked.  Tune in to find out why your pancreas is tired. Find out what you can do about it. We looked the world over for the perfect pancreatic support, but we resorted to making our own for lack of its existence!  Don’t miss this life-changing podcast.

What You Will Hear:

  • [00:00:00] Introducing Brent Roth: biochemist and product compounder extraordinaire!
  • [00:06:00] The benefits of smaller supplement companies and why they can feel confident in working with Brent
  • [00:08:30] Why LongLife Energy Enzymes?
  • [00:10:40] Some major drawbacks to “isolating the actives”
  • [00:14:10] What makes “pancreas powder” so special anyway?
  • [00:18:00] How you can tell that your pancreas is ready for retirement
  • [00:22:50] “Give me a break already!” ~Your Pancreas
  • [00:23:20] LongLife Energy Enzymes—a product like no other!
  • [00:28:10] Why we’re all just a little bit pre-diabetic
  • [00:33:35] Turning enzymes on and off: the importance of eating real food
  • [00:37:55] Revolutionary ingredients in LEE mimic the effects of insulin: some surprising studies
  • [00:43:25] Enzyme action: uncovering and exposing terrorists for what they are!
  • [00:49:05] Let’s talk dosages
  • [00:50:05] Need to drop a few pounds?  Why you might like the “side effects” of this product
  • [00:53:15] LEE—clinically supported ingredients at levels that achieve clinical benefit
  • [00:58:35] Dr. Stockwell’s secret confession—why we REALLY created LongLife Energy Enzymes

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2 thoughts on “24: One Supplement That Will Change the World Forever

    • forbiddendoctor says:

      Dear Kitt, Well said! It is a shame more people don’t know how important enzymes are to their immune systems and overall health. This is why we are trying to get the word out there! So, thank you for your support! You are helping us and together we can save a few beautiful lives out there.

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