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Dr. Jack is back!

After a sabbatical of four years, Dr. Jack is back on local Salt Lake City radio once again, on K-TALK AM 1640! We tried to get our loyal listeners of 20 years to transition to our podcasts, but many people just could not make the jump to a computer and wanted to stay with their trusty radios at their side. He was the most popular K-Talk morning drive-time host for soccer moms in their cars, running errands, and people on their way to work and school and had a very loyal following over the decades.

However, Dr. Jack has never left radio. He has been the alternative medical expert on the NATIONAL Doug Stephan DJV Show (with 4 millions listeners) for the last 15+ years! He and “Dr.” Doug, kibitz about health and healing every Tuesday morning, 9-10:00am ET, for one hour every week! Catch him live at http://www.RadioAmerican.com

6/28/2023 – Did The Flu Disappear? And Keeping Children Happy

6/21/2023 – mRNA In Our Food, Soy Bean Oil Dangers, and Ivermectin

6/14/2023 – Infant Myocarditis & Sexual Dysfunction With SSRIs

6/7/2023 – Traumatic Brain Injuries & Remdesivir

5/31/2023 – Why mRNA Va((ines Can’t Work As Advertised

5/24/2023 – Important Heart Info & Va((ine-Caused Autism

5/17/2023 – New mRNA Va((ine & Sudden Death

5/10/2023 – The Importance of Meat & Enzyme Support In Your Diet

5/3/2023 – The Answer To Better Digestion: Enzymes

4/19/2023 – Benefits of Eating Clean Animal Fat & The Increasing Presence of Brain Damage

4/12/2023 – Dangers of Sugar & What Is The mRNA Concept

4/5/2023 – Quick Update and Cancer Vaccines

3/29/2023 – Autism Update & Pilots Warning

3/22/2023 – Why Infants Do Not Make Antibodies

3/15/2023 – The Ides of March & Va((ine Injury

3/8/2023 – An Awakening World and The New Pandemic – H5N1

3/1/2023 – Putin’s Concern For The West & Childhood Va((ines

2/15/2023 – Nordstream and Early Deaths

2/8/2023 – Ukraine Stalemate And Why The Healthy Are Healthy

2/1/2023 – Ukraine and the FAA Letting Heart-Damaged Pilots Fly

1/25/2023 – Nuclear Winter and Decreasing Birth Rates Worldwide

1/18/2023 – Davos, Ukraine, and the FAA

1/11/2023 – All Out War and Dying In Your Sleep

1/4/2023 – The Truth About Viruses