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Dr. Jack is back!

After a sabbatical of four years, Dr. Jack is back on local Salt Lake City radio once again, on K-TALK AM 1640! We tried to get our loyal listeners of 20 years to transition to our podcasts, but many people just could not make the jump to a computer and wanted to stay with their trusty radios at their side. He was the most popular K-Talk morning drive-time host for soccer moms in their cars, running errands, and people on their way to work and school and had a very loyal following over the decades.

However, Dr. Jack has never left radio. He has been the alternative medical expert on the NATIONAL Doug Stephan DJV Show (with 4 millions listeners) for the last 15+ years! He and “Dr.” Doug, kibitz about health and healing every Tuesday morning, 9-10:00am ET, for one hour every week! Catch him live at http://www.RadioAmerican.com

12/28/2022 – The Coming War and The Secret To Perfect Health

12/21/2022 – Christmas and Va((ine Hesitancy

12/14/2022 – Putin’s Changing Doctrine and Va((ine Deaths

12/7/2022 – Hope for the Future & C0V1D Warning

11/30/2022 – Hope for the Future & Va((ine Side Effects in UnVa((inated People

11/16/2022 – G20 and the Enzyme Treatment for Cancer

11/9/2022 – Tripledemic and WWIII

11/2/2022 – Are Viruses Real and WWIII

10/12/2022 – Kerch Bridge and Your Immune System

10/5/2022 – The Draft and Healing the Thyroid Gland

9/28/2022 – WWIII and Doctors Against The Jab

9/21/2022 – The Nuclear Countdown and New Bivalent Va((ines

9/14/2022 – Interview with Harley and Placebo Va((ines

9/7/2022 – Safe Nuclear Weapons and Untested Va((ines

8/31/2022 – The War is Over & Persecution of the Unvaccinated

8/17/2022 – CDC Backs Down & Russian Warning

8/10/2022 – A New Virus and Global NATO

8/3/2022 – COVID is Here Forever and Russia and China Updates

7/27/2022 – Monkeypox and Thinking for Yourself

7/20/2022 – The Dangers of Childhood Jabs and World Update

7/13/2022 – July 4th Ideas, Graphene Oxide, and 5G

7/6/2022 – Infant Va((ines & The Ukraine

6/29/2022 – Va((ines and Infertilization Plus Ukraine Update

6/22/2022 – Va((ines for Children & Ukraine Update

6/15/2022 – Masks Are Returning & NATO Update

6/8/2022 – Baby Die-Off and Ukraine

6/1/2022 – Viral Theory is a Religion and Ukraine Update

5/25/2022 – A New Paradigm and Monkey Pox

5/18/2022 – Increasing Adverse Effects from the Va((ine and Ukraine Update

5/4/2022 – The Sovereignty of the Mind and Ukraine

4/27/2022 – Remdesvir for Children, SM102, and Russia Update

4/20/2022 – The FRAUD of “Trust the Science” Exposed

4/13/2022 – Much Higher Death Rates With The Jab

4/6/2022 – Adverse Effects Without The Va((ine and Ukraine Update

3/30/2022 – Staggering Increase in C0V1D Va((ine Injury and Ukraine Update

3/23/2022 – Vaccine-Induced Immune Deficiency Syndrome and Ukraine Update

3/16/2022 – Increase In Millennial Death Rate Plus Ukraine

3/9/2022 – Can Spike Proteins from mRNA Get Into Your DNA?

3/2/2022 – Deaths Are 9 of 10 From Vaccinated People and Ukraine Update

2/23/2022 – False C0VlD Deaths and Putin Invades Ukraine

2/2/2022 – Ukraine Update and Virology Fraud

1/26/2022 – The Ukraine Dilemma and 5G Death Ray

1/19/2022 – Is It C0V1D or 5G?

1/12/2022 – The Mechanism and Action of the Spike Protein

1/5/2022 – Mass Psychosis Is Killing Our Children

12/29/2021 – Va((ines, Trump, Big Pharma