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Dr. Jack is back!

After a sabbatical of four years, Dr. Jack is back on local Salt Lake City radio once again, on K-TALK AM 1640! We tried to get our loyal listeners of 20 years to transition to our podcasts, but many people just could not make the jump to a computer and wanted to stay with their trusty radios at their side. He was the most popular K-Talk morning drive-time host for soccer moms in their cars, running errands, and people on their way to work and school and had a very loyal following over the decades.

However, Dr. Jack has never left radio. He has been the alternative medical expert on the NATIONAL Doug Stephan DJV Show (with 4 millions listeners) for the last 15+ years! He and “Dr.” Doug, kibitz about health and healing every Tuesday morning, 9-10:00am ET, for one hour every week! Catch him live at http://www.RadioAmerican.com

12/22/2021 – The Real Dr. Fauci

12/8/2021 – Pfizer Knew All Along, The Dangers Of The Va((ine

12/1/2021 – Omicron Variant and the Great Reset

11/24/2021 – A Win For Freedom and Australia Mandates Coming Here

11/17/2021 – The Madness of Childhood Experimentation

11/03/2021 – (OV1D, The Stupid, and The Brave New World

10/27/2021 – We Must Save Our 5-Year Olds

10/20/2021 – Mandates, Oxidative Stress, and What Really Works

10/13/2021 – The Answer To The Question I’m Asked The Most

10/6/2021 – Va((ine Deaths Are The Real Number

9/29/2021 – The Greatest Scam In The History Of The World

9/15/2021 – Mandatory Va((ination

9/1/2021 – Got The Shot? How To Save Yourself

8/25/2021 – Mass Psychosis and the Loss of Freedom

8/18/2021 – Delta Variant and Cognitive Dissonance

8/11/2021 – Death and the Germ Theory of Disease

8/4/2021 – End Game

7/28/2021 – Viral Shedding Update and Goodbye PCR Test

7/21/2021 – MD Testimonials and Alternative Treatments

7/14/2021 – Mandatory Va((inations

7/7/2021 – C0V1D Propaganda and Va((ine Deaths

6/30/2021 – The Politics of C0V1D

6/23/2021 – Best Wrap Up of C0V1D Ever!

6/16/2021 – C0V1D Death Stories

6/9/2021 – Viral Shedding and Police Enforcement

6/2/2021 – What Happens When You Alter Cell Biology?

5/26/2021 – Vaccine Ingredients

5/19/2021 – How To Seduce A Once Critically Thinking Population

5/12/2021 – Personal Freedom of Thought vs The Collective

5/5/2021 – Viral Shots and Viral Shedding

4/28/2021 – Long-term Fasting and C0VID Side Effects

4/21/2021 – Long-Term Fasting And Mind Control

4/14/2021 – Reasons Why Not To Get The Sh0t

3/31/2021 – Vaccine Passports and mRNA Chemistry

3/24/2021 – Is Dr. Jack Going To Get The Sh0t??

3/10/2021 – Celebrity Callers and Passports

3/3/2021 – Who Will Be Held Accountable For All The Vaccine Injury and Death?

2/24/2021 – Synthetic Gene Therapy

2/17/2021- CDC Reports Over 1000 Deaths From Vaccine

2/10/2021- The Intricacies of the mRNA Vaccine

2/3/2021- The Nature of Disease and Resonance with C0VlD

1/27/2021- The C0VlD Vaccine Is Not A Vaccine…It’s A Treatment

1/13/2021- More Vaccine Dangers

1/6/2021- C0VlD Vaccine Dangers & Spanish Flu Nonsense

12/23/20 – Vaccine Scare CDC’s Report on C0VlD 19

12/16/2020 – C0VlD Vaccine Dangers and Risks