33: Forbidden Doctor Stories

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Why You Should Listen:

They say, “Seeing is believing.”  Well, while you may not be able to physically SEE with your own eyes the amazing results some of our patients have had using our Forbidden Doctor protocols, you can HEAR about many of them on this podcast.  So listen in as we talk about some of the forbidden secrets people are using to heal their bodies and revolutionize their lives forever.  Maybe… just maybe… it will motivate you to do the same!

What You Will Hear:

  • [00:00:55] The forbidden secrets people are using to change their lives!
  • [00:01:55] “Blood clots, Edema, and Airplanes, Oh My!” and why crisis care is great but it doesn’t fix the reason for the blood clots.
  • [00:08:10] One patient follows our restless legs protocol: 3 weeks later reports increased strength and no cramps!
  • [00:10:25] Why there are racehorses in Kentucky and contented cows in Wisconsin and the effects of calcium on restless legs
  • [00:13:05] Our gut protocol made even more effective with LongLife Energy Enzymes: heartburn, indigestion, constipation, weight gain, and even TOENAIL FUNGUS, no more!
  • [00:21:10] Why we created LEE Enzymes
  • [00:21:45] Prolamine Iodine versus Iodoral.  What’s in a brand?
  • [00:24:05] Gangrenous gallbladder—evidence of healing within 11 months
  • [00:27:20] Prevention isn’t popular because it can’t be “proven.”
  • [00:28:50] Want to save your life?  Stay away from health screenings.
  • [00:32:30] College professor asks permission to share Forbidden Doctor information with his students.

For more information about any of the supplements or protocols mentioned in today’s episode please call us at: (801) 523-1890

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3 thoughts on “33: Forbidden Doctor Stories

  1. Greg says:

    Hello I enjoyed your stories podcasts I Think it is really great what you two are doing. Just wanted to drop a note and say how well your NUCCA correction has helped my 5 year old son with his scoliosis. He used to wake up 2 or 3 times each weak during the night complaining of knee pain, I always thought it was just growing pains but since the corrections he rarely wakes up anymore. I know you mentioned that you fixed knee pain but I always thought it applied to adults never thought it also applied to kids. I think you forgot to mention anything about fixing scoliosis in either of your NUCCA podcasts. Please read this story during your next Q&A so others will know the true cause of scoliosis and how to really fix it. There is a kid in my sister in-laws neighborhood that has had rods surgically inserted into his back to try to correct scoliosis. No doubt this is where my son was headed since he was already showing signs at just 5 years of age.


  2. Masha says:

    Dr. Stockwell and Mary have a burning question for you. During this podcast (#31) you mentioned one pt when you asked her if nails have ridges, her eyes looks healthy, and if her hair was falling off. I cough my attention because about 2 years ago I noticed the change in my finger and toe nails. All of the sudden i have vertical ridges on all my nails. I research ton of literature and all i can find was ” it is a normal sign of aging”. Well I am 40 years old, and not sure that is it. I see in my field of work ( I am RN) many elderly people have those type of nails but after age 60 or so. I believe it is a sign of something else. I study medicine in Russia and remember learning that the sign of any disease will fist show up on your skin, nails or eyes. I also noticed at the same time that my eyes just don’t look healthy. What I mean by that the cornea has some growth, like extra clear growth, some discolorations and always red little capillaries regardless or amount of rest I got. The funny part that I believe I am fairly healthy person.I don’t take any medications besides ALIVE multivitamins, have no medical history. I never was big fan of carbs and most of my life I eat meats and vegetables, love fermented food, took antibiotics only few times in my life (and almost always took ton of probiotics to restore my gut flora). I love home made soups, make my own kefir, and don’t strip fats of foods. About 2 months ago I started taking Iodine (in Kelp form) after listening of one of your podcasts. Totally agree, and though maybe my nails will change. Iodine definitely improved my menstrual cramping (it doesn’t hurt any more!!!!) and my hair almost stop falling off but shape of the nails didn’t change.
    Let me know please if yo have any answers for me
    Thank you for all you do.

    • forbiddendoctor says:

      You betcha we have an answer for you! You sound amazingly awesome at what you have done so far. That was a very good step to start the iodine. But you need a more therapeutic dose than kelp. You need 8 Iodoral Iodine a day for 3 months or so. Then drop down to where your hands and skin stay soft. Then of course it would be very good for you to go back and do the introductory diet of GAPS. And please realize that your body doesn’t care about your fingernails and your toes very much. The peripherals of your body take a long time to heal. Your body is going to heal your heart, liver, kidneys, endocrine glands, etc., way before it sends healing nutrients to your fingernails and toes. But the fingernails and toes are a great litmus test for your body, as we’ve known through the ages, because when you don’t have enough nutrients to heal the peripherals of your body then you know something is wrong. Always go foundational. Always go to the gut.

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