18: Blood Clots, Edema and Airplanes

Red blood cells

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6 thoughts on “18: Blood Clots, Edema and Airplanes

  1. Tasha says:

    Thank you for offering your protocol pdfs. They are extremely helpful! I have one question about the use of Standard Process products- I love the idea of using a completely food based supplement program and would love to try out some of your protocols. However, as I was researching some of the Standard Process products I noticed that they include synthetic vitamins as well. Such as Folic Acid and cyanocobalamin. These in particular concern me because I have read numerous sources saying that these forms of synthetic b vitamins can be harmful to people with a mthfr gene mutation (some estimate up to 40% of the population has this defect) and the methylated versions are much safer and more beneficial. Could you please comment on your opinion of this? Thank you!!

    • forbiddendoctor says:

      Dear Tasha,
      Standard Process has to use some synthetics to satisfy FDA requirements. The primary source of folic acid in Standard Process’ Folic Acid B12, is from food sources, such as: liver, spleen, and stomach extracts, as well as from powdered carrot root and other vegetable sources. Standard Process products usually show lower vitamin content than the synthetic versions, because their vitamins come from food, and as such, far less vitamin dosage is necessary, even still, the FDA requires certain minimum amounts of their notion of “vitamins”, in other words fractionated synthetic vitamins, to be present in each dose. So Standard Process is forced to comply with FDA requirements that necessitates the addition of a few synthetic “vitamins.”
      The good news is that with the presence of the “Real McCoy” in the form of real food nutrients, the presence of the synthetics is of little effect in the sense of the MTHFR gene in that, the real vitamin will absorb the synthetic chemical and utilize that portion it represents.
      There is no product on the market that is a totally natural folate. Folic Acid as described by the FDA is a synthetic (see Wikipedia). The bottom line is this, whenever a small amount of synthetics are in the presence of real food, the synthetic becomes a part of the chemical reaction, instead of just building up in the body leading to more toxicity. Anyone with the MTHFR gene is safe using whole food supplements. You need to understand most vitamin companies claim their products are whole foods. But in reality, they are mostly synthetic chemical vitamins with a “pinch” of whole foods.
      – Dr. Jack & Mary

  2. Marilee Roose says:

    I have been trying to understannd edema for a couple of years now. I had never heard of collinsoinia root, or even stone root as something that helps until now. I have read many times about horse chestnut for vascular support. Is this a good thing or bad and should you use them together?

    • forbiddendoctor says:


      Yes it would be advantageous to use both herbs for better vascular integrity. I would use them apart from one another. The horse chestnut can be taken with foods, while the collinsonia root should be on an empty stomach with a glass of water 2X/day. 3 chestnut per day should be enough, while 4-6 collinsonia root teice a day will work. Let us know what happens!!

      Dr Jack and Mary

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:

      Hi Harriet, I would highly recommend using the product Cyruta Plus at 6-9/day. To obtain it you need to fill out the symptom survey at forbiddendoctor.com and create a free account. This product contains rutin, a food substance known to strengthen and rebuild blood vessel walls.

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