5: Ebola and Disease Prevention

Power Up Your Immune System So You Won't Get Ebola!

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2 thoughts on “5: Ebola and Disease Prevention

  1. Ton Lagerway says:

    Ebola & Disease Prevention #5 Cannot download pdf-file
    I would like to download as this is the “mode” of most efficient study for me!

    Have just discovered your website and – looking superficially at this moment – I like the contents of Info presented very much. Fabulous.
    As a 70 YO – and 2 years ago having a gangrenous Gall Bladder removed – I am on the path to rebuilding my health and I therefore MUST learn to understand how the human body functions.
    Looking at the site, that’s what your info does very well.

    Here in Australia, the same as in the USofA, most “normal” doctors only cover-up the symptoms but do not resolve the issue that is causing the issue. More money for them & BigPharma I suppose!
    I have told them for years that I do not suffer from a “Shortage of Pills”.
    Once again, thanks for education us – the mere mortals.

    Best wishes,


    • forbiddendoctor says:

      Ton, Thank you for leaving us a comment – they really help us understand what our listeners want. We also had a patient (about 6 years ago) that was told her gall bladder was gangrene and they scheduled to have it removed the next day. She refused the surgery and came to us. I have copies of the medical report where it said her gall bladder had numerous stones and was full of sludge. And I also have the medical report 11 months later where, after working with us for those many months, the report stated her gall bladder was “normal”, and the doctor told her it looked like a 16 year old’s gall bladder! I’m sorry we didn’t get our podcast out before that happened to you. So thank you for writing in so that we can save other gall bladders! But at this point, I know you realize, the surgery you had did nothing to help the REASON for the gangrenous gall bladder.

      There is a wonderful GAPS community in Australia! Look them up on the internet, and if they are not close, get Dr. McBride’s book: Gut and Psychology Syndrome, (GAPS) and “get ‘er done” as they say in America. We will help you all we can with protocol’s and questions here on the Forbidden Doctor also.

      Also, we fixed the link problem, but here is the link to the Ebola & Disease Prevention Protocol: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4l4vu2h34r96a1p/Pandemic%20Preparation%20Protocol.pdf?dl=0

      Thanks again for writing!

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