December 2021 Forbidden Webinar

Dr Jack and Mary Stockwell

2 thoughts on “December 2021 Forbidden Webinar

  1. Jackie says:

    How much Calcium does a 65 year old Women need? I take Calcium Lactate, 500mg. with VD and K. I had a monogram in November, the Dr. told me to lower my Calcium because I had a few calcifications in my breast tissue. I also had a bone density screening last month January, the tech said I need more Calcium 1500mg to 1600mg a day. I keep getting mixed messages.

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:

      Jackie, the Dexascan only measures bone density, not bone strength. It is a scam pure and simple. Forget it. Your breasts will lay down calcium deposits to enclose something. Those calcifications in your breast are common and will disappear often in a year or two.

      So both of these are nothing to worry about. If you are taking our Cataplex D and Calcium Lactate all you need is about 1200 mg of calcium and 3Cataplex D tablets every day.

      Dr. Jack

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