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109: Are Vaccines Linked to Autism? It’s Settled!

Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

Vaccinations. So much has been said, and so many studies overstating the claim of no linkage between autism and vaccinations, that anyone questioning the efficacy or safety of our modern vaccination protocol are considered vile troublemakers. The real question at the heart of vaccine controversy is still ignored. After several brand new studies continue to […]

108: Root Canals – Are They Killing You? (Pt. 2)

Root Canal Surgery

This week we get part 2 of the saga of Dr. Jack’s oral surgery. It’s not enough to remove the diseased teeth, although that’s a huge start. Then nutrition has to take over with self-healing foods, or if you are lucky enough to have access to whole food concentrates, specific nutritional protocols. In particular, Dr […]

107: Root Canals – Are They Killing You?

Are Root Canals Killing Us?

After some stunning dental developments with Dr. Jack, he and Mary learned much more than they bargained for about the history of dentistry, the root canal process and numerous studies related to this procedure, and more to the point, why we may all be poisoning ourselves slowly, through the deadening of nerves in teeth, which […]

106: Questions and Forbidden Answers

Listener Mail

This week Dr. Jack and Mary go into the mail bag, to highlight some terrific questions and feedback from listeners of the show, and hopefully educate along the way. We have a wide array of topics we are covering here from heartburn to hemorrhoids, prenatal supplements to cancer, and many more. You are the reason […]

105: Organ Donation – Have You Been Told The Truth?

The truth about organ donation

We want to say right up front that organ donations have saved countless lives, turning tragic circumstances for one family into wonderful circumstances for another family. We are not against the principles of donating organs to those in need when a terminal illness or serious accident causes death without severe damage to some or many […]

104: Lock Jaw – Cleansing The Parasite Problem

Locked Jaw from Parasites

Locking or locked jaw symptoms can be serious or even deadly. First, there is the obvious problem of adequate breathing and eating if your jaw is preventing or impeding your mouth from opening normally. But a locked jaw situation can mean a number of more serious infections or even parasite infestations. And if one family […]

103: 103 Forbidden Ways To Save Your Heart

Heart Attacks Are Preventable with Real Nutrition

This week Dr. Jack and Mary delve into heart health. It seems every week we hear about another surprising heart attack death in Hollywood or elsewhere. Our current medical system take is laughably inadequate to deal with the scourge of heart disease we’ve invented in this country in the last 100 years. With no more […]

102: 3 Easy Steps To Stop Heartburn, Gas & Bloating

Supplements Can Help Stomach Upset From Acidic Foods

We’ve been trained to think that heartburn, gas and bloating are minor nuisances, easy to medicate in various ways. Now more than ever, research shows us how simple-minded this type of thinking is. This week Dr. Jack and Mary discuss several critical components of digestion. Not only is our body telling us important information when […]

101: Sorry Angelina, Genes Don’t Do Anything

Sorry Angelina - DNA Doesn't Technically Do Anything

We’re back! Thanks for waiting patiently… This week Dr. Jack and Mary discuss variations of the “placebo” effect and “nocebo” effect, and why these phenomenon matter. As holistic practitioners have known for years, the composition of your thoughts and attitudes can have a direct effect on your wellness, and how you respond to treatment when […]

100: The Conquest of Cancer and The Intelligence of Your Body

Conquest of Cancer

This week we continue the story of Dr. Beard, and the modern incarnation of his work to correlate enzymes with tumor growth. It’s fair to say the Enzyme Theory of Cancer has had a rebirth in the work of Drs. Gonzales and Isaacs in recent years, with marvelous results seen in many countries where it’s […]

99: What Penicillin Is To Bacteria, Enzymes Are To Cancer

What Enzymes Are To Cancer, Penicillin Is To Bacteria

This week Dr. Jack and Mary look back into the history of cancer theory, and particularly a theory posited by Dr. John Beard at the turn of the 20th century more than 100 years ago based on the relationship between the enzyme health of the patients and rates of observable cancer in his patients. The […]

98: Cholesterol is KING! Or How Low Cholesterol Can Kill You

Cholesterol Is King

Forget everything you knew about cholesterol…AGAIN. Ever deepening research into the functions of our blood are showing again and again that not only have decades of recommendations from the FDA been inaccurate at best, but could have been downright detrimental to millions of doctor-abiding patients, trying to do what is right and what the medical […]

97: Forbidden Answers

Forbidden Answers

This week Dr. Jack and Mary have scoured the best “Ask Dr. Jack and Mary” questions to dig in and elaborate on some of the responses they provided directly to the listeners. Hear about the impacts of supplements on nursing mothers, how to eat healthy in a finicky family, acid reflux redux, dealing with urinary […]

96: Forbidden Forgiveness Revisited

Forbidden forgiveness revisited

This week took us a little longer to put together. 19 months longer, to be exact. We had a very popular podcast (#16 – Forbidden Forgiveness – The 5 Minute Forgiveness Cure) and recorded a follow-up shortly thereafter. But then, several current events happened, and we shelved the follow-up to focus on different topics. Then […]

95: A Survivor’s Story of Incurable Cancer

A Survivor's Story of Incurable Cancer

This week we have a very special videocast. We have a guest interview with Joseph Antel, a long-term survivor of what he was told would be incurable lymphatic cancer. The prognosis was grim, but Joseph is no ordinary cancer patient. As a long-term nutritionist and whole food supplement specialist, he was uniquely poised to address […]

94: What’s Worse – The Flu or the Vaccine? (Pt. 2)

Flu or Flu Vaccine?

This week we continue with our 3-part exposé on the flu vaccine. Dr. Jack and Mary explain the differences and cooperation between cell-mediated immunity and humoral immunity, and more importantly, the way vaccinations bypass the natural, cell-mediated part of the process, undermining the normal immune response with a synthetic replacement that may or may not […]

93: What’s Worse – The Flu or the Vaccine?

What's Worse? The Flu or The Vaccine?

It’s that time of year again. No, not flu shot time! It’s time that your immune system goes into overdrive to battle the illnesses of Fall and Winter. Is your body properly nourished to deal with the increase of seasonal pathogens headed your way? We have a culture of seasonal flu shots, despite the fact […]

92: How Vitamins Can Lead to Malnutrition

How Vitamins Can Lead To Malnutrition

There are so many misconceptions about synthetic vitamins. The FDA likes to claim there is no difference between the synthetic vitamins they spray on “enriched foods” and the vitamin complexes found in our natural food sources. This is complete bunk. For decades now we’ve seen synthetic, isolated vitamins packaged into “take-one-a-day” vitamin supplements. It’s absolutely […]

91: The Dangers of Vegan and Vegetarian Diets

Dangers of Vegan and Vegetarian Diets

The expert “literature” on diet in this country is all over the place. This week, Dr. Jack and Mary attempt to simplify things by deflating several myths of a vegan or vegetarian diet. Turns out all of the back and forth over the years on recommendations related to cholesterol, fat and nutrition have created schizophrenia […]

90: Fire in the Belly – Eliminating Heartburn in 30 Days

Supplements to Eliminate Heartburn

This week Dr. Jack and Mary tackle a growing health problem for more and more Americans. It’s actually problems, because our medical system’s drug-addled approach has created numerous, chronic conditions that are slowly killing their patients. We’re talking about Heartburn. In some ways, our body’s first warning that we are probably eating garbage, heartburn has […]

88: Foundational Healing for Mental Health Problems

Foundational Healing for Mental Health Problems

This week Dr. Jack and Mary discuss mental health issues; specifically the role malnutrition is thought to play across numerous mental health conditions. There seems to be a correlation between nutrition and anxiety, fear, depression and more. With drugs often prescribed for these conditions, any root cause nutritional deficiencies are not addressed. That’s why we […]

87: 108 Ways Sugar Destroys Health

108 Ways Sugar Destroys Your Health

Sugar makes us sick. The USDA doesn’t even have to pretend this is controversial anymore. They simply ignore the facts instead, approving sugar-laden morsels at an ever increasing rate. Based on well-researched, well-documented findings, Dr. Jack and Mary have an amazing list of unhealthy and unsavory facts about refined sugar and we’re going to share […]

85: MTHFR Gene Confusion Explained

MTHFR Gene Confusion Explained

The concept of methylation keeps coming up since the confusion around the MTHFR variation first took hold. The body’s ability to reign in inflammation events is based on the process of methylation. And methylation is an essential process regulated within the body by the MTHFR gene. So it’s no surprise that serious health crises emerge when […]

83: Fats: Killer, or Healer?

Fats: Killer or Healer?

Fat remains one of the most misunderstood, and even misrepresented substances available for human consumption. This week Dr. Jack and Mary get into the thick of fat. What’s the real difference between saturated and unsaturated fat? What’s the difference between mono-unsaturated fat and poly-unsaturated fat? Rather than oversimplified “good-fat/bad-fat” dichotomies, Dr. Jack and Mary help […]

82: 20 Protocols That Will Save Your LIfe

20 Supplement Protocols That Will Save Your LIfe

This week Dr. Jack and Mary share their Top 20 Protocols list. For various reasons over the years, both personally and professionally, these 20 protocols have proven time and again to be effective and necessary for living an optimal, healthy life. Solving problems or preventing health crises many times over. So often we overlook the […]

81: Immunotherapy for Cancer…Late to the Party!

Immunotherapy for Cancer: A Little Late to the Party

Dr. Jack and Mary interrupt their normally-scheduled podcast this week to talk about recent stunning findings related to immunotherapy in our battle against cancer. That is to say, using one’s own immune system to execute a more targeted fight against the cancerous tissues in one’s body. The related research actually goes back over 100 years, […]