32: Breast Cancer Cheat Sheet

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Why You Should Listen:

“Breast cancer on the rise!”  “New treatment options for metastatic breast cancer.”  “Mammographic screening key to early detection.”  The headlines are many—vague, discouraging, disempowering.  Trudging through the rhetoric can be quite the feat, especially in this day and age of “drugs for anything and drugs for everything.”  Listen in as Dr. Jack and Mary shed some light on one recent article, which calls into question some of what has become standard practice, breaking down the basics of breast cancer prevention so you can know what you need to know to give your body its best fighting chance RIGHT NOW.

What You Will Hear:

  • [00:03:00] Mary’s story
  • [00:07:35] Melting Breast Lumps: #1 Bestseller!
  • [00:08:40] “Doubts Raised About Breast Cancer Treatments For Early Stage Conditions,” from The New York Times
  • [00:13:00] The 6 most dangerous words and why we do Forbidden Doctor podcasts
  • [00:16:05] Iodine—it’s not just for breast cancer!
  • [00:17:50] We’ve upped our iodine so up yours!
  • [00:20:40] LEE Enzymes + iodine = a simple fix for cellulite?!
  • [00:23:10] A case of mastectomy “for no reason” and a word of caution about hormones
  • [00:26:30] Some clarity around staging, and a time for crisis care
  • [00:28:00] A GAPS success story and why it can’t not work
  • [00:31:55] Wise advice: “Take your time.  Do your research.”
  • [00:33:50] MD “angry as hell” at breast cancer money-grubbers
  • [00:34:20] The difference between men and women when it comes to Stage 0 cancer… may be whether mutilation is an acceptable option
  • [00:37:35] One woman’s experience: “I wish I had never gone for that fateful mammogram.”
  • [00:40:55] The 2 things every person with cancer needs to know RIGHT NOW

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2 thoughts on “32: Breast Cancer Cheat Sheet

  1. Greg says:

    I am curious as to what brands of iodine you are taking. I know you are a big fan of the SP prolomine Iodine, but it sounds like maybe you are now taking Iodoral because of the higher dose it allows. What other minerals / vitamins do you need to take when taking high doses of Iodine?

    I wish SP would publish the ratio of iodine to iodide so all would know and more people would be willing to buy it, I know it is a 48% / 52 % ratio but that is not published anywhere on their website that I could find. I also wish they made a higher dose and sold it in larger bottles. Doesn’t seem to unreasonable to make a bottle with a 3 month supply with 12.5mg tablet as the average coastal Japanese person consumes 13.8mg per day.

    • forbiddendoctor says:


      We feel for you brother. We have asked SP for a larger dose bottle and they refuse as it would appear to the FDA that SP is offering iodine therapy. Anyone who manufactures a larger dose bottle of Iodine will be under immediate suspect by the FDA for trying to offer iodine therapy, the exact thing the pharmaceutical industry wants stopped without arguement.

      SP uses a larger amount of Iodine that will evaporate a certain portion leaving iodide behind, working out to a 48%-52% balance….how they do that??? I do not know.

      I try to add Trace Minerals B12 with the iodine to make sure all micronutrients are present.

      I hope this helps….

      Dr Jack and Mary

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