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Hundreds Of Toxic Compounds in Pesticides Still Not Disclosed

Pesticides In Our Food

The EPA is supposed to be our watchdog, protecting consumers against environmental harms through the actions or inactions of companies or individuals. The agency has friends and foes on both sides of the political aisle, but outside of Washington, it’s hard to think that anyone really gives the EPA much of a vote of confidence. […]

126: Lyme Disease – The Untold Story

Lyme Disease - The Untold Story

This week Dr. Jack and Mary investigate the prevalence of acute Lyme disease that really began in the mid 1990’s. Make no mistake: Lyme disease has been known for a long time, but when Mr. Bergderfor discovered the tick-borne nature of the disease in the 1970’s, it was still considered a rare and terrible malady. […]

125: Eat It Or Take It

Eat Liver Or take Supplements With Real Liver

This week Dr. Jack and Mary go to the heart of what we do at Forbidden Doctor. First a heart-breaking story of triplets falling victim to vaccination, and their parents falling victim to a Kafka-esque, indifferent medical system. Then we talk the science about one of the all-time great super foods: liver. And in this […]

124: Forbidden Pearls of Wisdom Pt II

Forbidden Pearls of Wisdom

In this podcast, Dr. Jack and Mary have collected more of their forbidden pearls of wisdom to share with us. Quite often, the important truths and “hacks” for better health don’t fit into one of our larger categories of body systems, so they don’t always fit in other podcasts. But lately, particularly the connection between […]

123: Everything Is Always Working Out For You

Are You Open To The Vortex?

It’s been a few weeks of growth at the Forbidden Doctor. Following Mary’s father passing, Dr. Jack and Mary have been on a journey of discovery, rooted in love and grief, but revealing startling insights about how we live and love. The thing is, for every one of us, no matter how difficult things might […]

122: How Tumors Can Be Good For You

What exactly is a tumor? This benign process in the human body turns out to be a critical function of detoxification, managing troubling or misbehaving tissues before they turn into something more serious. Of course, when tumors grow in inconvenient locations or become too large, removal is often prescribed. But, surprisingly, this can be extremely […]

Eczema Can Ruin Your Summer. Don’t Let It!

Eczema Can Ruin Your Summer

Your summer plans may call for beach trips, barbecues, picnics and other warm-weather activities. If you suffer from eczema, though, it’s hard to focus on the fun when you’re burning and scratching, or worried about how your skin looks to others. The word “eczema” refers to a series of chronic skin disorders that cause redness, […]

121: Forbidden Dangers Of “The Pill”

Forbidden Dangers Of The Pill

Oral Contraception has given millions of woman control over their reproductive choices, and we firmly believe that giving women options when planning their families is the sign of a healthy society on the right side of history. But good intentions will only get you so far, and some of the information Dr. Jack and Mary […]

120: Your Magnificent Ovaries

Your Magnificent Ovaries

Most of us understand that a woman’s ovaries are important for reproduction and providing hormones during puberty. But few of us understand that they are so much more important than that. This week Dr. Jack and Mary uncover the mysteries and magnificence of the ovary. From ignoring our nutrition in adolescence to the sexist “hysteria” […]

119: The Hell of Neuropathy


This week Dr. Jack and Mary look at the controversy of neuropathy. At once a terribly disruptive disease ruining peoples’ lives and a confoundingly difficult disease to diagnose and treat with conventional medications. Of course, the medical establishment retreats to opiates for most severe neuropathy cases, completely surrendering to the idea that neuropathy is here […]

117: A Dent In The Universe

Denting The Universe

It finally happened! A peer reviewed study of vaccinated and non-vaccinated children revealed significant neurological and immunological problems in the vaccinated population compared to the un-vaccinated group. Then, unbelievably, the study vanished from the web! This week Dr. Jack and Mary show us the paper trail that led them to find the study again, learn […]

Save Your Prostate. Seriously!

Save Your Prostate!

No one wants to get prostate cancer. But did you know that experts are starting to recommend against the routine PSA screening that’s been so commonplace for decades? The current political state of prostate-specific antigen screening (or PSA) is surprisingly turbulent. The latest stance by the  U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finally appears to […]

115: How Leaving The Tribe Saved A Life

How Leaving The Tribe Saved a Life

This week we bring you a wonderful story of survival and an inspiring story of courage. And these stories were only possible because the subjects of these stories left their tribes. Nothing illustrates the journey we’ve been on the last few weeks better than a couple of anecdotes from the real world. These remarkable individuals […]

Ask Dr. Jack and Mary: Heavy Metal Chelation, Cure for Baldness, and Blood Tests for Inflammation

Cure For Baldness?

Ask Doctor Jack & Mary is a monthly feature where we round up the best questions we’ve been asked, and turn it into consumable information for our readers and listeners. Have a question for Dr. Jack & Mary? Ask Here I have a friend who has a two year old son that is displaying signs […]

114: Tribal Shame and Its Impact On Your Health (Pt. 2)

Does Tribal Shame Impact Your Health?

This week Dr. Jack and Mary continue to peel back the layers on our tribal tendencies, and the ferocity with which your tribe may work to keep you down, or isolate you from those close to you. The demands of your tribe could be ruining your chances for real happiness in life, or truly great […]

You Had a Heart Attack. Now What?

You had a heart attack - now what?

It might be hard to imagine now, but after a heart attack, you really can feel whole again. You may even be able to resume all of the pastimes you enjoyed prior to your cardiac episode. But it’s going to start with changes in you. Changes in exercise and most importantly, in nutrition. Specifically we’ve […]

113: Tribal Shame and Its Impact On Your Health

This week Dr. Jack and Mary discuss tribal shame and how each of us is impacted in fundamental ways, by the manner in which we strive to fit in in society. The self-surrender necessary to be part of the tribe – be it your family, your neighborhood, your town, or your country cuts both ways. […]

112: If You Have Cancer, No Doctor Will Tell You This (Pt.2)

If You Have Cancer, No Doctor Will Tell You This (Pt. 2)

And so we come to Part 2 of our show on the Enzyme Theory of Cancer. You’ve often heard us talk about why enzymes are important and digestive enzymes play crucial roles in so many different functions, that we risk over-stating the obvious. But cancer is different, and the medical establishment’s limited success dealing with […]

The Top 4 Ways the Medical System Is Harming Us All

4 ways the medical system is harming you

Our healthcare system is made up of countless individuals who are caring, talented and hardworking. We are very critical of the U.S. medical establishment, but generally-speaking, any individual within that system is well-intentioned. However, like any gigantic system, it’s plagued by certain deficiencies and problems of scale, and these problems will often harm patients. Like […]

111: If You Have Cancer, No Doctor Will Tell You This

If You Have Cancer, No Doctor Will Tell You This

This week Dr. Jack and Mary wanted to cover a tough topic. There is so much information out there about cancer that completely ignores the nutritional elements of the disease, or misinformation about “using herbs instead of chemo” which just isn’t correct. We don’t think of the work we do at Forbidden Doctor as “alternative” […]

110: Are Vaccines Linked to Autism? It’s Settled! (Pt 2)

Vaccines and New Links to Autism

This week we bring you part 2 of Dr. Jack and Mary’s brand new update based on numerous vaccination and autism studies; some as new as February 2017. There is real toxicity and neurological damage from vaccines and the aluminum adjuvent within them. Additionally, events of increased immune function in pregnant women appears to have […]

Ask Dr. Jack and Mary: Root Canal Mayhem, Protocol Success, and Are There CD’s of the Show?

Listener Mail

Ask Doctor Jack & Mary is a monthly feature where we round up the best questions we’ve been asked, and turn it into consumable information for our readers and listeners. Have a question for Dr. Jack & Mary? Ask Here I have just listened to your 2 podcasts pertaining to root canals, and I am […]

109: Are Vaccines Linked to Autism? It’s Settled!

Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

Vaccinations. So much has been said, and so many studies overstating the claim of no linkage between autism and vaccinations, that anyone questioning the efficacy or safety of our modern vaccination protocol are considered vile troublemakers. The real question at the heart of vaccine controversy is still ignored. After several brand new studies continue to […]

Achlorhydria – The Stomach Churning Truth


We think of stomach acid as this unpleasant thing that occasionally makes unannounced visits up our esophagus. But few of us ever consider the importance of the contents of our stomachs. Some people suffer from maladies that lead to a suppressed production of stomach acid. Crazier still are millions of people now following a doctor’s […]

108: Root Canals – Are They Killing You? (Pt. 2)

Root Canal Surgery

This week we get part 2 of the saga of Dr. Jack’s oral surgery. It’s not enough to remove the diseased teeth, although that’s a huge start. Then nutrition has to take over with self-healing foods, or if you are lucky enough to have access to whole food concentrates, specific nutritional protocols. In particular, Dr […]

Biliary Stasis – The First Sign of Trouble?

Biliary Stasis

The liver is the human body’s biggest internal organ and one of the most important. Among its hundreds of functions, the liver removes toxic materials from the blood, helps blood clots to form, stores vitamins, gets rid of red blood cells that are no longer healthy and synthesizes hormones. This organ also produces bile, a substance that aids in […]

107: Root Canals – Are They Killing You?

Are Root Canals Killing Us?

After some stunning dental developments with Dr. Jack, he and Mary learned much more than they bargained for about the history of dentistry, the root canal process and numerous studies related to this procedure, and more to the point, why we may all be poisoning ourselves slowly, through the deadening of nerves in teeth, which […]