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186: Cutting Edge Integrative Cancer Care With Dr. Michael Karlfeldt


With Cancer diagnoses blowing up the US medical establishment, it is high time we identify processes more helpful than weakening and sickening cancer patients with minimally effective poisons; the treatment we all know as chemotherapy. This week Dr. Jack and Mary interview Dr. Michael Karlfeldt on some of the most surprising developments in alternative cancer […]

185: Health Freedom – What To Do When CPS Shows Up At Your Door


Imagine losing your children to a government agency for doing everything they ask you to do. This is the reality for more and more parents who are falling victim to an insidious scheme within an agency we all expect and demand be for the good of children. We’re talking about Child Protective Services. This week […]

184: Forbidden Update on Heartburn, Lectins & Proton Pump Inhibitors

weight gain lectin banner

Ever wonder why we’re all gaining weight faster than ever? No matter what new health breakthrough we hear about, no matter what new fad diet or exercise regime people dream up, the US is on a terrifying trend of obesity, and something has to be done. And wouldn’t you know that our diets and our […]

183: The Hostile Legal Environment For Breast Cancer


What hope do we have when our legal system helps to keep alternatives to the “drugs for anything, drugs for everything” policy of US health care from ever seeing the right of day? This week, Dr. Jack shares his morning call-in show, with a troubling tale of legal jeopardy for a true innovator in alternative […]

182: The Forbidden Carnivore Diet – How to Lose 100 Pounds!


What does it take to lose 100 pounds? Let’s face it, most Americans need to lose weight. As the tidal wave of health problems from obesity threaten to swamp the boat of modern health care, it’s time for a reckoning. This hit close to home as our very own Dr. Josh Stockwell had life-changing health […]

181: Joseph Antell – Still Alive! A Survivor’s Story of Incurable Cancer


The incredible story continues. Joseph Antell has been on the show (almost 80 podcasts ago) to talk about his extraordinary battle against cancer and his body’s own immune system. It’s one of our most-listened-to shows and we’ve been talking ever since about having Joseph back on. This week, Dr. Jack and Mary interview their friend […]

180: A Crime Against Humanity – Suppression of Nutritional Truth


Is Forbidden Doctor “in cahoots with” Standard Process? More like, “in awe of” Standard Process. We’ve watched the power of organic concentrated whole food supplements change lives when drugs and antibiotics failed people time and again. We watched concentrated foods save Mary’s life after being malnourished for most of her adult life, simply eating a […]

179: Dr. Chris & Melissa Taylor on IBS, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis Forbidden Healing


No one seems to appreciate the seriousness of Ulcerative Colitis until you are in the thick of the affliction. And while the condition can become deadly serious for many sufferers, it’s possible that no person has had it quite as bad as one of our two guests on the show. This week Dr. Jack and […]

177: CBD Oil – Forbidden Until Now!

hemp oil

It seems everywhere you turn these days, someone is selling CBD-infused products. The FDA does what it can, but the reality is, it’s hard to know which products to trust. And what about the plant where this active compound originates? Does CBD oil get people high the way marijuana does? Are all the claims around […]

176: Cramps! Legs, Menstrual, and Heart


Muscle cramps are no joke. Whether it’s a “minor” leg cramp, horrible menstruation cramps, or life threatening muscle cramping in the heart, the symptom exhibited is suggesting a dire situation in the body. This week Dr. Jack and Mary tackle muscle cramping, as we get into the hottest season in the US, we put ourselves […]

175: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

vegetarian diets are dangerous

When it comes to nutrition, we truly don’t know what we don’t know. This becomes acute on the question of vegan and vegetarianism diets. While we respect the many ethical and health reasons people attempt to avoid eating animals, it is very hard to be truly healthy on a plant-based diet. From the basic lack […]

174: COPD – It’s All They Could Do

copd man with breathing mask

Imagine watching your loved one suffocate, while breathing, and feeling helpless to do anything about it. That is the scourge of COPD (Chronic-Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder) that is affecting millions of families throughout the US. And wouldn’t you know it, our health system has come up with various drugs that can mask the symptoms to some […]

173: Building Muscle Tone With Mary’s Milkshake


Why do people who are weight-lifting for muscle bulk eat all sorts of synthetic muscle-building powders with known side-effects, when nature has provided a nearly perfect food for the type of quick protein and energy one needs during or after a workout? In fact, working out or not, this superfood can be safely consumed by […]

172: Allergy or Leaky Gut?


What if you could eliminate the nagging allergies that strike at the most inconvenient times in our lives? You’d say we were crazy, wouldn’t you? You’d assume only drugs and steroids can help with allergies, based on your past interactions with doctors. As one might expect, this is nonsense. This week Dr. Jack and Mary […]

171: Cold Sores, Heat Stroke, and Restless Legs

Cold Sores, Heat Stroke, and Restless Legs

What on earth would cold sores, heat stroke, and restless legs possibly have in common? This week Dr. Jack and Mary are going to make the connections to explain the science behind these various phenomena and precisely how they are connected. Make no mistake, natural foods we should be eating provide plenty of the missing […]

170: Interstitial Cystitis and Bladder Pain

Interstitial Cystitis Pain banner

Difficulty of pronunciation notwithstanding, if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis, you already know how miserable this condition can be. Turns out this malady affects millions of (mostly) women in the US, but hardly anyone talks about it. Worst still is the medical establishment’s scattershot approach to treatment, which includes […]

169: A Simple Trick To Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease, Breast Cancer, and Fatty Liver


This week, Dr. Jack and Mary discuss the central role that choline plays in the processes of the liver, and it’s downstream impacts on multiple systems of the body. As our cases of fatty liver disease, obesity, and diabetes spiral out of control, we have clearly missed something in nutrition science since the 1950’s, but […]

168: Iodine – The Breast-Saving Mineral


Are you getting enough iodine? Do you realize how serious this question is? This week, Dr. Jack and Mary revisit one of the most critical topics of their entire canon. The importance of iodine, and also the ignorance about this essential mineral cannot be understated. From Mary’s own story of iodine and how it helped […]

167: They Would Have Told Us, Right?


What does informed consent even mean? This week Dr. Jack and Mary take a serious look at the misinformation at the heart of the vaccination debate in the US. There are so many economic interests at play, that our message has always been to remain skeptical. Skeptical of the pro-vaccination crowd, and even skeptical of […]

165: The Anti-Cancer Effects of Turmeric


Is it any wonder why alternative medicine is considered an also-ran in the US medical system? Our own government has been starving researchers of funding for nutrition and alternative compound research that can help in the fight against cancer. This naturally leads to pharmaceutical companies touting the latest breakthrough in incremental drug-based symptom management until […]

164: The Relationship Between A Healthy Spine & A Good Pain-Free Life


This week Dr. Jack shares deep wisdom and some fascinating anecdotes from his role as NUCCA Board Certified chiropractor in his own clinic he shares with Mary and his son Dr. Josh Stockwell.  Very few people consider how critical (and rare) proper spinal alignment is to our overall well-being. The stunning array of related, cross-referenced […]

163: Enzymes – The River Of Energy


The body’s ability to produce enzymes decreases dramatically in our 30’s. But does it have to? This week Dr. Jack dives into the energy production mechanisms found in our bodies. There are roughly 5000 enzyme reactions so far identified in the human body. Within this framework, enzymes do the heavy lifting in providing us the […]

161: Acute Problems – What To Do When You Do Not Know What To Do


This week Dr. Jack and Mary cover a myriad of different acute conditions we all face, but rarely deal with in the safest, most effective manner. From fevers, stomach pain, and topicals burns, to gall bladder pain and depression, and many others, doctors often prescribe pain killers, antacids, antibiotics; basically a perfect collection of what […]

160: You Have Been Duped And Brainwashed By Medical Propaganda


This week Dr. Jack and Mary ask a few simple questions, to help identify whether we, all of us, have been brainwashed into complacency by some of the more popular myths of modern medicine. The reality is, when it comes to foundational healing, or even understanding the root cause of much disease, modern, western medicine […]

159: Does My Newborn Baby Really Need The Hep B Shot?


What happens when modern medicine forces us to choose between infectious disease and chronic disease? This is far more than an academic question as we dance around the topic of infant immunization. This week Dr. Jack and Mary ask some serious questions about the science and the business of infant immunization. Hepatitis B has very […]

158: What Do Oncologists Make On Chemotherapy?


This week Dr. Jack and Mary take us on a startling journey through the history of chemotherapy. Talk about crazy-making! When exactly did we decide we should poison cancer patients? And what sort of measures of success were put into place to justify this wild strategy?   Part luck, and part deception, chemotherapy showed amazing […]

157: Ten Reasons To Skip The Flu Shot


It’s flu season! Guess what that means… Yes, we are bombarded by messaging in all quarters to get a flu shot. Never mind how ineffective it’s been two years in a row. Never mind the aggravating impacts of the adjuvants used to attack our immune systems. This week Dr. Jack and Mary review the research […]

156: Forbidden Understanding Of Your ADHD Grandchild

Child Diagnosed with ADHD

This week Dr. Jack and Mary tackle the difficult topic of ADHD. There are so many misconceptions about children with ADHD, that it’s worth discussing a topic that covers far more than simply diet. And this topic hits close to home, as Dr. Jack and Mary’s grandson has been diagnosed with ADHD, and they have […]