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Supplements for Breast Feeding Mothers

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To stop restless leg syndrome, all you have to do is take a tsp. of Redmond salt with some water and it will stop it. Why are you talking about calcium?
– Anonymous

What you are saying about salt is correct to a point, but it is more the collection of mineral chlorides in the Redmond salt, rather than just sodium. However, when our patients use Cataplex F, we see a more consistent elimination of restless legs syndrome.

Redmond salt often works because the increased sodium from the salt changes the permeability of the cell wall allowing more calcium into the cell and better calcium movement through the calcium channels. The actin and myocin proteins that are the motor part of the muscle contraction need calcium to contract. The balance between the calcium and magnesium allows the calcium to control muscle contraction much better. Although the magnesium has little to do with muscle contraction, it is calcium that is essential. The sodium, in the salt, has nothing to do with muscle contraction either, however it is essential for calcium cell wall permeability as stated above.

Some people get good muscle relaxation with salt because they already have good serum calcium levels, others that have tried it find it ineffective as a result of very low salt diets, and or poor calcium absorption in the gut. By salt, I am referring to several chlorides, not just sodium that Redmond salt, a good source of minerals, contains.

Something that always works on almost everyone is Cataplex F, a supplement by Standard Process. It contains heavy amounts of vitamin F, a chemical compound discovered almost 100 years ago, but questioned by the FDA and removed from the vitamin list. It is comprised of essential fatty acids derived from bovine liver and allows tremendous profusion of calcium out of the blood steam and into the cells where it is needed for muscle control.

Keep using Redmond salt if it works for you. That means you are doing something right with your nutrition and have adequate calcium ready in your body. Nice work!

As a nursing mom, are there any products I should avoid in your protocols? I’m nervous because my midwife had approved 2 different supplements that were “all natural” that tanked my supply earlier and I have worked hard to get it back! I’m sure you can’t guarantee how any product would work with my specific chemistry, but just wondering in general if there are any absolute “no”s. I’m specifically interested in the Ageless Thyroid to help my postpartum moods/fatigue as well as the Cataplex B. – Rachel C.

We are so happy to hear of another mother nursing!! All these poor kids who do not get that because mom “chooses” not to… sad.

Both the Ageless Thyroid and the Cataplex B can only help. We just finished a podcast on vitamins and their inherent danger if not food sourced. 99.99% of the vitamins on the market are synthetic. And I would not give them to my dog, firstly they would make him sick, and secondly he would not eat them. I usually, as odd as it may sound, test supplements by whether or not a dog or cat would eat them. If they pass them by, so should you.

You might also add Symplex F to the mix to make sure your ovaries are getting back in shape.

I had my colon removed four years ago have a j pouch. How do I firm up stools? I take metimucil(sic) three times a day but lose control at night. Can I still build up my immune system and have good digestive health? If I dont take the mediMucil (sic) I have liquid stools… – Robert G.

The primary job of the colon is the dehydration of its contents before elimination from the body. It takes the liquid mass flowing through the intestines and turns it into a more firm mass for excretion. Unfortunately, that drying out process, in your body, was eliminated with the removal of your colon. Your use of MetaMucil has the effect of allowing the fluid mass to firm up and collect to a fiber based material so absorption of the flowing liquid can occur. It doesn’t dehydrate in the classical sense, but it does allow for a collection of most of the fluid so there is some control of elimination.

We have had patients who have used a product called Cholacol II, from Standard Process, which contains Montmorilloronite clay, a very effective fluid absorber in the gut. We use it for handling diarrhea and for food poisoning were its ability to collect the surrounding fluids and toxic materials occurs efficiently without the use of drugs or any unnatural additives.

You might try that and see how it compares to MetaMucil. Metamucil does contain aspartame and a food dye, Yellow #6, I believe. Both of these do not occur in nature, with aspartame actually being a neurotoxin, so hopefully you can find a reasonable replacement.

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~Dr. Jack and Mary

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