Ask Dr. Jack and Mary: Heavy Metal Chelation, Cure for Baldness, and Blood Tests for Inflammation

Cure For Baldness?

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I have a friend who has a two year old son that is displaying signs of being on the Autism spectrum. I have heard of people doing these “heavy metal detox programs” but I have no idea what they entail or anything of the sort. I know it is a long shot and no one “cures” autism, but I also know that there are miracles happening every day and that he has just come to terms recently that his son may be on the spectrum. Please help him if possible and I truly appreciate all that you both do. – Kalan S

Hi Kalan – the recent two part podcast we did on Autism is a good place to start. There is a lot to cover. And the research coming out of foreign countries has, I believe, left little doubt about what could be happening. In the second part, a heavy metal detoxing program using a protein shake to deliver raw eggs is available in the weekly resources section under the show window. The whites of raw eggs have a definite ability to chelate out heavy metals from the gut. That could begin the process of helping your friend’s son. Best of luck!

My question is how helpful and affective would your life enzymes be for me at age 41 with a receding hairline and thinning hair. I was advised by a hair restorative consultant to obtain a script for Propecia. After researching the drug, it’s side affects and origin of formulation; it scared me enough to be certain I want nothing to do with the drug. Please give me your professional opinion on the best and most natural path. – Tyson

Tyson, unless you are suffering from male pattern baldness, which is a terribly unfair genetic problem, mostly stemming from your maternal grandfather, we have found Linum B6 and Prolamine iodine, both available to our patients, to be the most effective for hair growth. You have to give it a good 6 months. Call our office if you are not already a member of our website.

During the Doug Stephan radio show (1430 am) which aired Saturday April 22, 2017 the doctor’s mentioned blood test specific to Inflammation markers that aren’t normally included in a blood test panel. May I request the names of those blood tests? Also, would you include the normal range in which these blood test results should fall? – Mark

Mark those tests would be looking for C Reactive Protein or CRP. Normal levels would be between 1.0 and 3.0. The other is Homocysteine, normal levels would be between 4.3 and 5.8. Both are indicators of internal inflammatory conditions…..need to be looked into.

How can you tell what metabolic type you are? – Jackie

Great question! And one that will have to wait for an upcoming podcast…(couldn’t resists throwing a teaser in here, Jackie! Short answer: it’s complicated)

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