Ask Dr. Jack and Mary: Supplements On An Empty Stomach & Fermented Soy

Is Fermented Fermented Soy Healthy?

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If I end up getting busy after I’ve taken my LongLife Energy Enzymes and don’t eat breakfast, does anything bad happen? Anything good? – Bill, Colorado

Hi Bill! Actually something very wonderful happens. If the enzymes are not extinguished through digesting your food, the bulk of the enzymes enter the blood stream and search out “not self” and either digests it or removes it from the tissues. Listen to podcasts #67 and #68……I just remembered…wasn’t there a song by Chicago back in the 70’s called “Questions 67 and 68”?? Thanks for letting us know you are there.

In Podcast #38 it talks about only eating fermented soy products. Does homemade soy yogurt count as being fermented?

Well, this is an interesting question. Where did you get the soy from? Soy milk? If so, then there’s a lot of sugar in that. We are of the opinion, unless you are really up to speed and are very familiar with soy fermentation, to stay away from it. If it is not a complete fermentation then there will be some hormone disrupters present in the final product.

Why don’t you just use raw milk? Or even pasteurized milk to make your yogurt? Even pasteurized milk can make a decent yogurt, although we would never recommend drinking that milk in an unfermented state.

We personally have nothing to do with soy products, other than soy lecithin which has none of the other questionable factors that the whole bean possesses.

We would highly recommend taking Lactic Acid Yeast wafers for a very powerful fermented effect on your colon health.

Is granuloma annulare caused by an imbalance of Vitamin D & F?

Since this is an inflammatory condition in the skin, and some experts are calling it autoimmune, and I agree, I would suggest Dermatrophin PMG, as well as Prolamine Iodine and Tuna Omega 3, all Standard Process products, to help support the body’s attempts to heal itself. I would also throw in Protefood and Cataplex C for its tissue building ability.

As far as an imbalance between D&F……I don’t know. I would have to think about that one. I suppose it may contribute, but I think it is more a malnutrition problem.

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~Dr. Jack and Mary

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