Ask Dr. Jack and Mary: Iodine & The Thyroid, plus Chocolate Cake…

Ask Dr. Jack and Mary about Iodine, Fat, and Cake

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Thank you for my detailed protocol. I have been on most of the supplements you recommended for about two weeks now. I have a question: My naturalpath doctor does not think there is any problem with my thyroid ( latest blood tests showed normal scores) and she cautioned against taking too much iodine. So, my question is, do you think my thyroid will benefit from your protocol’s support even with these numbers and is there a chance that if my thyroid is healthy the levels of iodine in this protocol could be damaging? Thank you!

Let me start by saying that we need to be so grateful that nothing is showing up in your blood tests! If it did, then we’d have a bigger problem. As the body will beg, borrow and steal to keep the blood “clean”. When something shows up on a blood test, the condition is at the later, end stages. So just because something isn’t showing up in the blood test DOES NOT MEAN your thyroid or other endocrine glands are functioning perfectly at top efficiency, it simply means there is nothing very serious happening…yet.

I also find the same thing over and over again with docs about their fear of iodine. Its actually quite a ridiculous fear. Think about it, how did humans for thousands of years live? Next to the oceans… that is where civilization began. In ocean food you find high levels of iodine & other trace minerals. Humans are biologically built to handle a lot of iodine, along with all the other trace minerals, as we came from the ocean. The places in the world where humans get a lot of iodine are the most disease free, healthy, happy and fit humans. If your thyroid isn’t functioning at top level then higher doses of iodine is the way to bring it back there. Iodine therapy is wrapped in fear with regular doctors these days but it wasn’t always that way. 100 years ago, most all doctors used iodine to cure everything, and they especially used it if they didn’t know what else to do. If fact they even had a saying: “If you don’t know how or why, therefore prescribe K & I (which is iodine on periodic table)”. I would encourage you to do your own research. Read “The Iodine Crisis” by Lynne Farrow as well as “Iodine: Why you need it, why you can’t live without it” by Dr. Brownstein.
I have helped thousands of people with Iodine Therapy even with their doctors saying their blood tests were fine and warning them against Iodine Therapy. We have had miraculous results with Iodine Therapy. We have thousands of success stories, including mine and my mother Mary’s.

And to answer your other question about “if my thyroid is healthy the levels of iodine in this protocol could be damaging?”. IF you thyroid is healthy the levels of iodine in the supplements can’t hurt it. The thyroid can’t function efficiently without a lot of iodine. A good metaphor to explain this is: Compare it to yourself, you function most efficiently with money correct? If you had too much money would it be damaging? No.
Also the levels of iodine in Ageless Thyroid are maintenance doses, which means they aren’t that high. In most cases I add an extra iodine supplement to get better results. You aren’t getting too much iodine in 3-6 capsules of Ageless Thyroid.

I would also encourage you to do the GAPS diet as much as possible. Hear more at podcast #42 “Scientific Healing”.

How much fat do I need for each day? – J in Utah

J, how much do you crave? As in all food, short of sugar, processed carbs, and refined grains, you eat what you crave. Follow your cravings. One day you may not get enough fat, in meats, veggies, oils, nuts, whatever, and the next day the thought of fat disturbs you and you only want some fruit. There are no rules here except to not follow sugar cravings (addictions). So what do you want? Crave? Desire? It’s all fair game…as long as? Yes…it’s not sugar based! To give you an amount of fat to consume everyday is to throw you into a pigeon hole you do not belong in. You are unique. All by yourself. Create that further and listen only to your heart.

Do you have that Luscious Healthy Chocolate Cake recipe available anymore? – Like A Bajillion People

Ok, Bajillion, this is bad timing, as we’re trying to not eat cake right now; even super healthy GAPS-friendly luscious, chocolatey, break apart in your mouth…cake. That said, we get a request for this amazing recipe like once a week! So here it is. Luscious GAPS Chocolate Cake! Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Jack and Mary: Iodine & The Thyroid, plus Chocolate Cake…

  1. Cynthia says:

    HI 🙂 … Just want to say I look forward to all your Podcasts and really take them to heart. In a few of them you mention your recipe for your Egg Smoothie. I have yet to find it. Would it be ok for you to share?
    As I’ve been just using one egg, kefir that I make myself (so easy) with grass feed milk, unfortunately it is pasteurized, but not ultra, as I can’t get raw, then add berries, meca and stevia, sometimes raw organic cocoa powder too.
    Thanks, keep up the wonderful work you and your team does.
    Cynthia N.

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