Even if you’ve been healthy your whole life, we all know someone who had cancer, diabetes, thyroid problems or even acid reflux. Unless you act today chances are you’ll have something, too.

This site is jam-packed with everything you need to lead a happy, healthy, and active lifestyle – on your terms.

This is the place to get the science behind staying healthy broken down into digestible pieces. We want you to be healthy and stay healthy, rather than wait for illness to strike.

Sounds good?…

Who Is The Forbidden Doctor

The ‘forbidden doctor’ is not a mythical being; it is not a controversial movement and it is certainly not Dr. Jack or Mary.

The forbidden doctor has been with you since the day you were born. It’s your body’s ability to heal itself.

It is you.

Most of us don’t know our body is capable of rebuilding, regenerating, and sustaining health. Your body is set to repair and restore – not degenerate.

We will bring you the science behind activating your inner doctor like you’ve never heard it before. After all, it’s not all about living long – it’s about living well.

Mary’s Story

Mary StockwellIt was the end of 1997. I had just watched my grandmother die of breast cancer in my mother’s bed, when I found my first breast lumps.

I was recently divorced and had five children, from toddlers to high schoolers. I of course, went to pieces.

The radiologist announced, “I stopped counting your breast lumps at 17, you have many more.  But don’t worry, it’s just ‘Fibrocystic Breast Disease’, every woman has it.”

Then he reached over, patted my knee and said, “Come back when it’s cancer.”

I collapsed to the floor with panic, and immediately went into denial. I crossed my fingers and hoped the breast cancer time-bomb would not go off, and never touched my breasts again.

My neighbor gave me a couple books on how to survive cancer. That didn’t help, as I didn’t HAVE cancer – yet. There wasn’t ONE discussion of preventing these “harmless” lumps from turning to cancer. This just sent me more into denial.

Then I met and married Dr. Jack. Together, we went on a crusade to save my life.

I decided to stay healthy, instead of wait for illness to strike. And I found the way.

Fast forward: It’s 2016 – 19 years later – and I’m still here.

I have NO breast lumps. I did NOT get breast cancer. I still have my breasts, and according to a blood test and exam I had recently to get life insurance, they said, “I’m never going to die.”

By providing my body with the proper nourishment, enzymes, and nutritional  support it needed I activated my body’s self healing mechanism – and survived. (You can find the full story here: Melting Breast Lumps)

I can never say I definitively would have gotten breast cancer because I was never “medically diagnosed” with it.  But since finding my 17+ lumps, I’ve watched other members of my family going through breast cancer, surgery, chemo and radiation. After fighting cancer time and time again, they lost the battle, and I watched them die.

But I’m still here! I saved my own life. Now I want to help you save yours.

Since 2004 I’ve provided Health Profiling & Nutritional Consulting to thousands of patients. I’ve helped patients with everything from Fibromyalgia to Crohn’s disease, and have reached a level of results that few have achieved.

Are you ready to start? Click here to learn how you can improve your health today.

Dr. Jack’s Story

Jack imageOur ability to heal (or do anything, for that matter) is controlled by our nervous system.

All our body’s regulatory mechanisms, from making the heart speed up or slow down, to making digestion start, to healing wounds or fighting disease and cancer are all controlled through signals traveling down the nervous system from the brain, to the spinal cord, to the body.

When our neck (more specifically, the top three cervical vertebrae) becomes mis-aligned, it causes interference to our signaling mechanism. It limits our brain’s ability to correctly regulate and instruct the body.

If you have a cervical misalignment, it can manifest itself in many ways:

  • Migraines
  • Digestion problems
  • Attention deficit
  • Infertility
  • Chronic pain
  • Heart problems (high / low blood pressure, arrhythmia, and more)
  • Liver problems
  • Depression
  • Joint and muscular pain throughout the body
  • Low back pain, sciatica
  • Knee pain

The process of bringing these three cervical vertebrae back into alignment is extremely delicate, but when done correctly can bring extraordinary results.

I am one of only 27 Upper Cervical NUCCA Board Certified Chiropractors in the world who can perform this procedure, and throughout the years I have helped over 16,000 patients regain their health.

You can hear some of the stories on Episode 9 of the podcast, and learn more about the NUCCA certification here.

What We Do

We’re both Certified GAPS Practitioners. Together, we have helped thousands and thousands of patients at our clinic, but now we want to go world-wide. This is why we have created this website.

Here at the Forbidden Doctor, we will bring you the science behind healing and staying healthy. We don’t believe in waiting and crossing fingers, hoping that things will turn out all-right.

We want to help you claim your life and your health, starting today.

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