71: A Most Butcherous Story

A most butcherous story

This week, Dr. Jack and Mary talk about a tragic story of breast cancer, and shed light on the state of the American health care system’s current take. Poison and knives…and exercise?

They discuss the reasons for our existing treatment options, look globally for treatments found in other countries, and most importantly, explain why you aren’t getting the full picture or all of the options you have for fighting your disease.

The nutrition complement is chronically ignored in our medical industry. Nutritional wellness just isn’t profitable.

What You Will Hear:

  • [00:40:00] Intro
  • [00:01:10] Autism Update
  • [00:06:30] Forbidden Secrets of the Week
  • [00:07:00] Book Recommendation
  • [00:21:20] A Most Butcherous Story
  • [00:24:50] Trying to Enhance the Rigid Standard of Care with Other Options
  • [00:27:20] Chemotherapy Comes from Nerve Gas?
  • [00:43:20] Huntsman Cancer Clinic Closing In On Melanoma Cure?
  • [00:51:00] Hemp Oil Treatment
  • [00:55:30] Special Offer

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