98: Cholesterol is KING! Or How Low Cholesterol Can Kill You

Cholesterol Is King

Forget everything you knew about cholesterol…AGAIN. Ever deepening research into the functions of our blood are showing again and again that not only have decades of recommendations from the FDA been inaccurate at best, but could have been downright detrimental to millions of doctor-abiding patients, trying to do what is right and what the medical establishment is telling them.

This week Dr. Jack and Mary dig into the myriad benefits of cholesterol (you read that right!) and why the over simplification of “good cholesterol” vs. “bad cholesterol” could be killing you.

You’re not going to want to miss this one…

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4 thoughts on “98: Cholesterol is KING! Or How Low Cholesterol Can Kill You

  1. Greg Cross says:

    I have an excellent blood profile: Some highlights.
    Platelet Count 298, Sodium 138, Glucose Serum 97, Total Protein Serum 7.5, Total Prostatic Specific Ag 0.4.
    My Cholesterol “MAY” be an issue: HDL 48, LDL 172, (Cholesterol Total, 280)
    My Triglycerides “Are Very Likely” High; 301.
    I use Forbidden Doctor Pancreas LongLife Energy Enzymes.
    You thoughts????

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:


      Not knowing your weight, height, or lifestyle, it is difficult to determine if your cholesterol is normal for you. The important thing to understand is that your cholesterol, whatever it is, is normal for you in that moment. The podcast explains this. Your triglycerides, however, is another matter. The thing that propels fats to such a large amount is almost always sugar intake. I notice your glucose is 97, not bad. A little high, but it shows your pancreas is working, maybe because the enzymes are helping. However, sugar in any form will elevate triglycerides, including fruit. So you divide your total cholesterol (280) by your HDL (48) and you get 5.8 for your cholesterol/HDL ratio. 3.5-4.4 is considered normal. So it is high. Your designation of your blood profile as being “excellent” is interesting. I do not think your cholesterol “may” be an issue nearly as much as your triglycerides.

      Dr. Jack

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