96: Forbidden Forgiveness Revisited

Forbidden forgiveness revisited

This week took us a little longer to put together. 19 months longer, to be exact. We had a very popular podcast (#16 – Forbidden Forgiveness – The 5 Minute Forgiveness Cure) and recorded a follow-up shortly thereafter. But then, several current events happened, and we shelved the follow-up to focus on different topics. Then a month went by. Then a year went by…

We decided in this time of giving thanks that it would be a perfect show for this week.

We delve into a few heavy topics, including forgiveness, atonement, guilt. Dr. Jack and Mary have some startling insights and original thinking on the question of forgiveness, and more importantly, the “facade of forgiveness” thrust upon us or that we display to others when real forgiveness hasn’t occurred.

There is no way to heal yourself, and be the most well version of yourself, until you get why you still haven’t forgiven yourself, or those around you, and why it’s harming you to keep up the facade.

Open your minds and hearts for this one. You deserve it!

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