93: What’s Worse – The Flu or the Vaccine?

What's Worse? The Flu or The Vaccine?

It’s that time of year again. No, not flu shot time! It’s time that your immune system goes into overdrive to battle the illnesses of Fall and Winter. Is your body properly nourished to deal with the increase of seasonal pathogens headed your way?

We have a culture of seasonal flu shots, despite the fact that the effectiveness varies so wildly as to be almost completely ineffective some years, because of the nature of the influenza virus, and because of the wrong-headed strategy we take to battle these common pathogens every year.

Now of course some folks should err on the side of caution and get the flu shot if they have seriously compromised immune systems, but the rest of us would do much better nourishing our bodies and our immune systems with the right food. The myth of herd immunity doesn’t come into play with flu vaccines, as guessing which strains to make into a vaccine is never going to eradicate all strains of influenza in a given season anyway.

Dr. Jack and Mary dive into the science of influenza virus and the vaccinations we use to thwart influenza breakouts. You’re really going to want to watch this…plus we’ve got a nutritional blast we’re going to recommend that you can make yourself. And you’ll love it!

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2 thoughts on “93: What’s Worse – The Flu or the Vaccine?

  1. Pam lewis says:

    I loved this podcast to be healthy you can’t get in to see a doctor and Physician Assistant doesn’t understand that your colon or stomach not working putting you into seizures – feel your going to die

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