92: How Vitamins Can Lead to Malnutrition

How Vitamins Can Lead To Malnutrition

There are so many misconceptions about synthetic vitamins. The FDA likes to claim there is no difference between the synthetic vitamins they spray on “enriched foods” and the vitamin complexes found in our natural food sources.

This is complete bunk.

Synthetic Vitamins Can Be DangerousFor decades now we’ve seen synthetic, isolated vitamins packaged into “take-one-a-day” vitamin supplements. It’s absolutely HUGE business, because most of us can detect that our processed food diets are lacking in essential nutrition.

The problem is, we aren’t solving the problem taking isolated synthetic vitamins; indeed you can even have vitamin toxicity if you aren’t careful with these processed, “enriched” vitamin sources.

This goes to the heart of what we are all about at Forbidden Doctor. Only nutrition from whole foods or supplements derived from whole food concentrates can possibly restore or augment our nutritional profiles. Dr. Jack and Mary take us into the science of the molecular vitamin complex and what it truly means for our cellular nourishment. Don’t miss this videocast!


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3 thoughts on “92: How Vitamins Can Lead to Malnutrition

  1. Deb says:

    My doctor wants me to take 50,000 iu of vitamin D3 a week for deficiency. I tried, and I had terrible acid reflux and headache. Is this really wise?

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:


      That is insane, unless you want terrible muscle cramping and calcified kidneys. This is just another fad in “modern medicine” that gave you leeches and thalidomide. Do not do this. We have a great FOOD based D3 called Cataplex D and you only need about three tablets/day. 50,000iu’s is nonsense, no animal on earth has that much in their diets. You might also use our Cod Liver Oil. Three capsules of that will give you plenty of food based D3.
      If you are a patient of our clinic, you can order this from us. Whereever you get it, from us or elsewhere, make sure it is food based, as 99% of the D3 out there is synthetic and will only cause terrible problems.

      Since “doctors” have no training in nutrition, I would be very careful of their advice on supplements, no matter how nice they are.

      Dr. Jack and Mary

  2. Chantel Stucki says:

    I have been seeing a lot of research lately about increasing Vitamin C intake to 1-5 grams daily, which is much higher than the 60 mg of Vitamin C that many whole food vitamins have. I’d love to know your thoughts.

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