49: 9 Anti-Cancer Foods To Start The New Year

Blueberries on the table

Why You Should Listen:

Happy New Year!

We wish you to have an incredible 2016, filled with health, energy and great vibes. Just for that purpose, we’ve got together and talked about 9 (err…perhaps a bit more!) incredible foods you have in your kitchen right now, that will help prevent cancer.

Curing a disease is so hard, so why not just eat delicious food and prevent it to begin with, right?! Tune in to today’s episode and enjoy a year of amazing food and healthy, fit body!

What You Will Hear:

  • [00:03:50] Food #1: Unprocessed, uncured animal meat
  • [00:10:51] Food #2: Raw dairy products
  • [00:12:28] Food #3: Organ meat
  • [00:15:00] Why it’s important to avoid vegetable oil
  • [00:15:27] Food #4: Berries (Yum!)
  • [00:17:50] Food #5: Cruciferous vegetables
  • [00:22:07] Food #6: Spanish black radish
  • [00:26:02] Food #7: Deep sea fish
  • [00:30:10] Food #8: Extra virgin olive oil
  • [00:31:13] Food #9: Spices and herbs

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