89: LBJ Should Have Had One of THESE, Not an EKG

LBJ Should Have Had THIS, Not an EKG

This is our most important podcast to date! With a very special announcement for an incredible new, free service, Dr. Jack and Mary dive into the science of heart health.

The problem with the modern day state of things (believe it or not, nearly 50 years after LBJ’s tragic, fatal heart attack) is that doctors try to measure for existing damage. If your heart does not contain the scarring associated with prior heart attacks, EKG’s will not detect or report any problems; even in a severely unhealthy heart!

With everything else in modern medicine, common sense takes a back seat to radical treatments of heart ailments, even as decades of research has gone unchallenged about the critical role nutrition plays in heart health.

The heart cells are replaced every 30 days. What you eat matters, and will inform the health of your heart into the future. Because the heart is the first to receive nutrients in the bloodstream, you can begin to nourish your heart in minutes, if you are eating the right foods, or taking the right concentrated whole food supplements.

Stay tuned to hear about the re-emergence of fabulous medical technology that you can now take advantage of, free of charge (in Utah, at least)!

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