72: Do I Really Have To Take That Antibiotics?

Do You Really Have To Take Antibiotics?

This week, we learn what happens when a strong advocate in the case against antibiotic overuse faces a major infection and multiple medical practitioners prescribing strong antibiotics as treatment.

Antibiotics and their over-prescribing have led us to a precarious situation, both inside and outside of our bodies. Outside, of course, we have super bugs, unnaturally selected to flourish after we killed off the weaker members of these bacterial strains.

And inside your own body, when you’ve killed off the infection, you’ve killed off essential flora throughout the digestive system, leading to cascading health problems that we’ve tried to outline here at Forbidden Doctor for years now.

Using antibiotics for every sniffle is obviously a bad idea. But what about refusing to ever use antibiotics?

Dr. Jack and Mary tell us a personal story on the front lines of this debate, from this very week. Is it really an irresistible force meeting an immovable object?

What You Will Hear:

  • [00:00:00] Intro
  • [00:00:55] Forbidden Secrets of the Week
  • [00:06:00] Immunity and Autoimmune Disease
  • [00:07:30] Primitive Hygiene?
  • [00:10:00] Drugs Maintain Diseases
  • [00:11:45] Jack’s Tooth
  • [00:16:30] The First Prescription
  • [00:18:10] The Endodontist
  • [00:22:45] The Crisis Point
  • [00:23:30] It’s Admiral Ackbar!
  • [00:25:50] Calling In…Sick
  • [00:27:15] The Candida Protocol

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