54: Never Compromise On These 3 Things

What if substitutes that are supposed to prevent us from having harmful food, causes us more trouble than the original?

In today’s episode Dr. Jack explains the differences between 3 foods and their considered-to-be-healthy substitutes. He covers what’s in each substitute, why it’s so popular and what you should be eating instead to keep healthy.

Tune in now to find out!

What You Will Hear:

  • [00:02:22] Dairy vs. non dairy milk substitutes
  • [00:04:18] Why babies need raw milk in the first months of life
  • [00:08:40] Sugar is bad for our cognitive development, mood, weight and even heart
  • [00:11:49] Artificial sugar substitutes and why they are even more dangerous than sugar
  • [00:18:00] What sugar substitutes are healthy for you
  • [00:23:15] Regular soda vs diet soda
  • [00:26:00] What to drink, if all sodas are bad?


4 thoughts on “54: Never Compromise On These 3 Things

  1. Ronald H Levine says:

    Dear Doctor Stockwell,

    Thanks for helping people! I’ve been researching, learned a lot and have been doing some nutritional experiments with profound results. I’m willing to share everything I’ve learned with you, so you can share concepts of healthy living with others. Health science can advance greatly with a change in focus from studying disease to studying me. We should get together for that and maybe combine it with something of preparedness value like ice fishing with my friends. I have plenty of the best equipment for everyone you invite. It will be fun.

    Your friend (count on it),

    Ronald H Levine 🙂

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:


      Sorry my friend in this delay. My goodness have we been busy! It looks like the ice fishing season might be about over?

      I am always interested in what other people have been learning and what they have found about human nutrition. Especially when they have “profound” results.

      What have you discovered?

      Dr. Jack and Mary

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