177: CBD Oil – Forbidden Until Now!

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It seems everywhere you turn these days, someone is selling CBD-infused products. The FDA does what it can, but the reality is, it’s hard to know which products to trust. And what about the plant where this active compound originates? Does CBD oil get people high the way marijuana does? Are all the claims around CBD true to fact, or more medical mythology?

This week Dr. Jack and Mary go into the science of cannabidiol (CBD), recent research across a wide array of maladies, and what to watch out for, with all these fly-by-night CBD companies. It turns out that the quality of ingredients, as well as the technology to store the CBD oil makes all the difference. Tune in to learn everything you need to know about this promising avenue of research.


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2 thoughts on “177: CBD Oil – Forbidden Until Now!

  1. Jana Rhinehart says:

    Another amazing podcast. Thank you so much. My husband says I grab at every straw that comes floating along. lol.. After listening to this podcast, I told him I had high hopes that this would be the straw that saved my life.

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