176: Cramps! Legs, Menstrual, and Heart


Muscle cramps are no joke. Whether it’s a “minor” leg cramp, horrible menstruation cramps, or life threatening muscle cramping in the heart, the symptom exhibited is suggesting a dire situation in the body.

This week Dr. Jack and Mary tackle muscle cramping, as we get into the hottest season in the US, we put ourselves at risk for under-nourishing our musculature. And it’s not just hydration. Tune in to learn the science of muscle nutrition, and the ways that our nutritional profile will make all the difference when we face a serious cramp.


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2 thoughts on “176: Cramps! Legs, Menstrual, and Heart

  1. Gene Gage says:

    Loved the information on cramping especially about the heart. I have had three episodes of my heart either having a cramp, spasm or an electrical shock.
    Is there such a symptom of electrical shock in the heart.
    Thank you Gene Gage

  2. Jana Rhinehart says:

    That was a fantastic podcast! You two are life savers, and it is so sad that so few people know about these things. Our medical system works so hard to keep people from knowing, and even our doctors don’t know.

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